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APRIL 2013
Volume 1, Issue 4
What’s New?

Dear Reader,

There’s nothing I love more than inspiring people to adopt healthy habits; motivating them to eat better or teaching them skills which provide kitchen confidence. That’s why I enjoy giving cooking lessons. At the end of a session, my students have learned something new that will benefit them for a lifetime. 

Lately, I’ve been busy giving cooking lessons. From private to group classes, there’s no limit to the courses I’ll provide. Last week, a wedding shower involved the ladies learning to make romantic meals for two... Click Here
Kale & Onion Bread Pudding Recipe This savory bread pudding is a kale-lover's dream. Just one serving provides 70% of a day's worth of vitamin A, 50% of your daily vitamin C needs and nearly one-quarter of your calcium requirements. The flavors of the kale and onion meld together with help from the flavorful Gruyere cheese, and the thyme and nutmeg give this luscious side a unique taste all it's own! Serve it as a side with... Click Here
DIY Nutrition: The Pantry Challenge!If you’re shopping just the perimeter of your grocery store, thinking you’re selecting the best foods for your health, think again. That recommendation is outdated—yet we still read and hear the mantra. Being ready to make quick, nutritious meals requires having 10 ingredients on hand. How many of these do you have... Click Here
At the Market: All Hail to the Kale Kale seems to be the new “it” food. Everywhere you look, kale is the featured ingredient—kale chips, kale pasta, kale pancakes, and kale smoothies. But it’s no surprise; kale is rich in calcium, fiber, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and it has a high concentration of the antioxidant vitamins A, C, and K. Look for kale that has... Click Here
Favorite Things: Bee Raw Honey is my go-to natural sweetener. I use honey to sweeten beverages, substitute in recipes for sugar and mix a dash in my morning yogurt. I recently discovered Bee Raw Honey—which offers raw, unfiltered, varietal honey. Bee Raw Honey sources their honeys from family-owned apiaries across the country, and each variety is derived from a single floral source, giving it distinct color, flavor and aroma.

Most honeys purchased in the grocery are highly processed, which strips them of their natural flavor and nutritional powers. Be Raw Honey is raw, pure and just as nature intended.

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Ten Years Younger: The Amazing Ten Week Plan to Look Better, Feel Better and Turn Back the Clock
By Steven Masley, M.D.

It’s not quite the Fountain of Youth, but Ten Years Young by Dr. Steven Masley sure comes close. We are a rapidly-aging society with life-threatening conditions like heart disease and diabetes occurring earlier then ever before. Dr. Masley, former director of the Pritkin Longevity Center, offers a plan to help you take back your health and turn back the clock.

Divided into 10-week sections, each week of his plan offers an age-busting outline for over-hauling your nutrition, fitness and stress levels. By following Dr. Masley’s plan, you will lose weight, boost energy levels, rejuvenate skin, and enhance brain functions and more. Among a sea of questionable health books available today, this one’s a beacon of light.


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