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In this edition of the Serious Games Network Newsletter you will find the latest SEGAN Conferences and activities.

ECGBL 2014

The 8th European Conference on Game-Based Learning (ECGBL) for 2014 was organized in partnership with the SEGAN network. The conference took place in Berlin, Germany on October 8-10, 2014. The conference focused on all aspects of serious game design and deployment including design, development, best practices, user perspectives, evaluation, gamification processes in training and education, applications in specific subject areas, targeting the needs of specific groups, and more. Awards were presented for Overall Best Game (to Tino Holthausen), 2nd Place Overall Best Game (to Rob Parker), 3rd Place Overall Best Game (to Alexander Pfeifer and Thomas Wernbacher), App-based Game (to Wallis Catriona), Best Installed on a Computer Game (to Malliarakis Christos), and Best Web-based Game (to Shildgen Johannes).
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Games and Mobile Learning event, Karditsa, Greece, October 10, 2014

On October 10, 2014 the University of Thessaly organized an event titled “Game and Mobile Learning”. The event targeted educators and educational policy makers and consisted of 85 individuals. Educational administrative authorities from the areas of Trikala and Karditsa, Greece were in the audience. The event took place in Karditsa, Greece. The event focused on the benefits of game-based learning and provided the audience with insight on how to integrate serious games into educational practices. This was achieved through the presentation and demonstration of good practices related to the deployment of serious games in educational settings.

Specifically, the siLang serious game ( on building cultural and language communication skills for the world of work was presented and demonstrated for the benefit of the audience. The game is developed in the context of KA2 of the Life Long Learning programme in the period 2014-2014. Outcomes from the deployment of the game in real-life educational settings were also presented with the objective of providing paradigms to educators on how serious games can offer added value to already well developed educational practices.

In addition, the eCity serious game ( on building science and technology skills for engineering was presented. The game is being developed in the context of KA3 of the Life Long Learning programme and runs from 2013-2015. The purpose of the game is to introduce both higher education and secondary education students to non-trivial projects through which they develop problem-solving skills. The projects can only be completed by integrating knowledge related to physics, mathematics, and technology by applying critical thinking. At the point of the presentation the game was heavily under development. The audience had the opportunity to experience the game scenarios that are being integrated into the game and include the installation of a mobile network for covering the needs of a town, protecting a town from earthquakes, installing a gas production system that is effective for the needs of a town while also minimizes pollution, and more.

Finally, the SEGAN network itself was presented to the audience inviting the participants to exploit the network resources for building experience on the deployment of serious games, for accessing information on available games that could be integrated into educational settings, for reviewing research literature, for building insight on the evaluation of serious games as educational tools, and more.

The first game created with that methodology (The Foolish Lady) was piloted in 8 different schools, involving more than 700 students, during the first term of 2013. The results obtained suggested that the game was effective in drawing players’ attention to classic theater. An improved second version on the D2GAMe methodology is now being tested by creating a new game called “La cortesía de España” (The Courtesy of Spain), in collaboration with the Spanish Classic Theater National Company.


ChemDrops is a fast-paced arcade, pattern-matching puzzle game developed by Virtual Campus Lda., one of SEGAN's partners. In each level you have to make atom combinations as quickly as you can to create target molecules. As you progress you will also unlock useful powerups!

How far can you rank?!


Summer school on serious games in Rhodos, Greece, July 28-August 5, 2014

The University of the Aegean organized a summer school on the design of serious games in Rhodos on July 28 – August 5, 2014. The summer school was open to a European audience. It was attended by 13 students from around Europe with a background on educational science and pedagogics. The summer school introduced the audience in a step-by-step manner on the design and implementation of a serious game. Practical experiences from the design of actual serious games were presented to the audience. They were followed up with exercises on game design as well as discussions on how to bet exploit the educational added value of serious game for the benefit of learners.

Two of the main instructors in the event, which was led by Manos Fokides of the University of the Aegean, were Martin Sillaots from Tallinn University and Olivier Heidmann from the University of Thessaly. The involvement of these researchers in the summer school was largely a result of their participation in the SEGAN network. The success of the summer school has led the organizers to consider a follow-up event in the summer of 2015.
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