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In this edition of the Serious Games Network Newsletter you will find highlights on a simple game development tool and on the consortium workshops and summer school.


Game development for dummies with Tululoo HTML5 game maker 

Although many game engines, editors and tools exist, the basic concepts of game programming are the same:
  • graphics
  • sprites
  • backgrounds and static objects
  • sound FX
  • music
  • scenes
  • event handling
Usually the creation of a game, once the storyboard is ready, starts with the generation of a series of graphics, in Photoshop or any other graphic tool. These graphics may then be used in the game as  backgrounds, or be combined in a spritesheet with all the different graphic versions of the same object. If we wrap a spritesheet in an object we can define all event handlers (creation, next frame, room enter, collision, destroy...), to create a ‘living thing’ (say a bird or flying bomb). Add some sound effects and background music, and combine everything in one or more rooms ('scenes') and you're done. This methodology is similar in all game creation processes.

For seasoned programmers with tons of experience, there are a lot of great tools available: think Unity, ImpactJS,... For students however, taking their first steps in game programming, finding a suited tool is not so easy. Learning curves are steep and API’s daunting. A great tool to consider is Tululoo. A glance at the interface shows that it couldn’t get any easier than that: 


As can be seen from the second screenshot, very limited programming skills are needed: some variables, a few IF-ELSE selections and a function here or there is about all you need. It also has a sprite editor, scene editor, collision detection and much more. And it generates clean HTML/Javascript, so unlike Flash, it even works on all mobile devices.

Get more information at



Workshop: HTML5 Game Development

After a huge success last year HUBKAHO organized another workshop on HTML5 Game Development.

The workshop started with an overview of some of the new HTML5 technologies and HTML5 Game Libraries. A demonstration on how to create a very simple helicopter game followed. Attendees then had the possibility to create a game of their own, and immediately use the test lab to test their games on tablets and smartphones.

The workshop was open to everybody, yet registration was mandatory. Basic knowledge of HTML and JavaScript was also required.



Cork Summer School: 
Development and Implementation of Serious Games 

The Cork Institute of Technology, in partnership with SEGAN network, will host the 4th Irish Symposium on Game-Based-Learning (iGBL) as a one-day event hosted in the Cork Institute of Technology on Friday 6th June 2014.

The iGBL conference is an international conference designed to share insight and experience with regard to the educational potential of games. The conference has always aimed to be as inclusive as possible, bringing together teachers, students, industry and researchers who share a common interest in using games for learning. The conference offers opportunities to present, discuss and network with other like-minded practitioners, as well as providing a great opportunity for those new to the area to learn more about the different development approaches and educational applications of games.

As part of the programme, CIT’s department of Media Communications and Department of Online Delivery, in association with SEGAN will also be hosting a summer school during the four days leading up to the conference (i.e., 2nd - 5th June 2014 inclusive). This summer school will be focused on teaching second level students how to develop and implement educational games. The students will present their ideas during a poster session at the conference.

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