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In this edition of the Serious Games Network Newsletter you will find reports on the latest workshops and conference participations by the consortium.


Modern Pedagogical Challenges in Theory and Practice 

Conference 2014: Partnership of Faculty of Education, University and Educational Institutions 

Ljubljana, 31.1. – 1.2.2014, Program

At the end of January 2014 the Pedagogical Faculty of University of Ljubljana organised the national pedagogical conference. On Friday morning there was a plenary on modern pedagogical challenges in theory and practice.

Joze Rugelj, the SEGAN project partner, presented a talk on Cognitive Aspects of Use of Serious Games in Education. You can follow his speech at

In the afternoon there were numerous presentations of individual subject areas (Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, Object-Teaching, Special and Rehabilitation Education, Speech and Language Therapy, Visually Impaired Education and Pedagogy Specific Learning Difficulties, Social Pedagogy, Art Education, Guidance and the Right to Education). Saturday was devoted to workshops and presentations of good practices.

The conference raised a lot of attention and there was a large participation of about 200 participants.



Dissemination of SEGAN project outcomes in Greece

The University of Thessaly, the SEGAN project partner, aims at reaching stakeholders in the educational community with the objective of promoting project activities and outcomes in relation to the benefits of serious games in broad learning settings. In this context the University disseminated the SEGAN objectives and activities, including the project community, to secondary education learners and teachers from the broader area of Thessaly in Greece.

Specifically, the project was disseminated to 44 senior year students of the 2nd Vocational High School of Volos and 4 of their teachers on March 7, 2014.

Similarly, the project was promoted to 46 learners and 3 of their teachers from the 10th Junior High School of Volos on March 14, 2014. Finally, the project was presented to a group of 14 parents from the 12th Primary School of Volos on February 26, 2014.

Furthermore, the University will be presenting the SEGAN project at the 8th Panhellenic Conference of Informatics Teachers in Greece, which is to be held on March 28-30 at the University premises in Volos, Greece. 



Online SEGAN workshops for Master’s degree in Spain

As part of the activity in SEGAN relating to workshops about games and education, ANDAMIO Education and Technology this month began the design of the online workshop on games to be provided in September 2014 in collaboration with the University of Salamanca Research Group on Interaction and E-learning, as part of the yearly Master’s degree they provide on e-learning. The first edition of this workshop took place in September 2013.
The focus of the workshop was on key aspects of games and learning and the event, which lasted a week, involved the following activities:
  • Experiencing and reflecting on, the processes involved in learning how to play a new game
  • Exploration of aspects related to the nature of games and play
  • Reflection on and discussion of the potential uses of games and play in educational contexts.
  • Identification of key elements of games that can be of use in the design of educational activities.
  • Incorporation of these elements in the practical design of a learning activity.
The workshop was highly successful with participants expressing high degrees of satisfaction and as a result it was decided to repeat the experience in future editions of the Master’s degree. The process of updating the content of the work shop is now under way. 


Evaluation of a Surgical CheckList Serious Game

The e-UCM group in cooperation with medical personnel from Hospital Clínico San Carlos and Hospital 12 de Octubre at Madrid have produced a serious game for improving the understanding and promoting the adoption of the Surgical CheckList in hospitals.
The Surgical CheckList ( is a checklist that prevents medical personnel from making mistakes and improves teamwork at the operating room reducing the problems by about a 30%. Even if the application of the Surgical CheckList is mandatory in all hospitals in Spain its actual implementation is far from perfect as many people see it as another useless administrative burden.

Evaluation session at 12 de Octubre Hospital (Madrid)

Evaluation session at Santa Cristina Hospital (Madrid)

This game was presented in Games for Health 2013 (check and after some formative evaluations now we are running the final summative evaluation with final users in five different hospitals in Madrid region and involving more than one hundred people. After testing it in three hospitals with more than fifty people we are getting very positive feedback. We plan to finish the evaluation and publish the results by this summer. 


SEGAN Conference Activity

During the first quarter of 2014, SEGAN has been present at several conferences, participating (through the exploitation partner ANDAMIO) in presentations and round table discussions, serving both to publicise the network and contribute to the discussions. Of especial importance is the NETQ6 conference which took place in Ankara in January 2014.

The focus of this project is on Early Childhood Education, and at both the meeting and at various sessions during the conference the role of games in early childhood education was discussed. In particular the tension between play and games as technological constructs built for educational purposes was discussed. Many of the issues described in the SIG report on Teachers formed part of the conversations, and the issue was the subject of considerable interest during the conference as for many of the teachers present the use of serious games, as opposed to traditional games was relatively new. 
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