Yep, Friday again!

Here’s a brief idea from me, and a few content recommendations that have the potential to shift your thinking in a significant way.


Work is a PART of your life. You get to decide it’s priority, and how it fits in with your life.

Have you had that conversation with yourself? 

Of course, from there you still need to have some practical tools that can help you actually live it. But, it all starts with a conscious decision on where you want work to fit into your life.

If you avoid this conversation, or are indecisive, work has a funny way of overpowering most other parts of your life.

P.S I can help with that – see below.


Will Smith – That was another good day (Instagram)

A few wise words from Will Smith on the power of making each day count:

That was another good day, we had another good day. And if you line up enough good days – fuck around and have a good life.

The video is worth a watch, it’s short and funny!

The Arnold Schwarzenegger newsletter

Arnold is now writing his own newsletter! I’m a massive Arnie fan, so I have some bias. But, I promise you it’s funny and inspiring! 

It gives you a glimpse into what he’s doing and thinking about. He also likes to answer a few questions from readers which turn out to be super inspiring and insightful.


I mentioned that I could help if you’re struggling with how to fit work into your life. I know exactly what it’s like for work to overpower everything else in your life. I was unhappy and struggled with it for a long time.

I don’t suffer with that now. Today, I’m able to balance a busy senior role with my own life – and thrive at both. 

I had to change how I fundamentally thought about goals and how I organised my life. I’m now teaching that through my coaching program Get unstuck (I had originally planned to start in October last year, but some other priorities forced me to push it back).

I only have the capacity to work with two people at any one time. This is because I will invest a lot of my time with each person throughout the program. It’s a 121 personalised coaching program that runs over an 8 week period. 

I’m currently working with one person, so I still have one space available. If you know of anyone who you think would benefit from working with me, please feel free to share this email with them. 

P.S. For the first handful of people I work with, I’m heavily discounting the course fee. I feel like that's a win-win because the early people I work with will play a big role in helping me refine how I teach the course. So, that felt like a fair way of recognising that. 


Have a good weekend!

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