Yep, Friday again!

Here’s a brief idea from me, and a few content recommendations that have the potential to shift your thinking in a significant way (including a 2 min video will likely have changed my life).


If you're not on your A Game, don't expect it from yourself.

It's OK to have peaks and troughs. The worst thing you can do is try and force your A game when you're in a trough. Instead, be nice to yourself. Give yourself permission to slow down. Maybe.... even rest and regroup.

You don’t need to smash it every day, to smash the year. You just need a good average. It took me way too long to learn this...


This Video Will Change Your Morning Routine – Jocko Willink & Glenn Beck (video – 2:17 mins)

I’ve been slipping on waking early for the last few months. I watched this video on Saturday, and have been up at 04.30 EVERY morning since. This 2 min video will likely change my life. A MUST watch.

Paul Graham – Writing is rewriting (tweet)

Live view of Paul Graham writing a short essay. Its mind blowing how much rewriting goes into a final essay. It’s a great reminder how important re-writing and editing is to achieve clear writing.

What Happens When You Miss the Best Days in the Stock Market? (article)

I love this. It shows how a $10,000 initial investment in the S&P 500 index fared over the past 20 years depending on whether an investor stayed invested or instead, missed some of the market's best days. The difference is staggering!

It’s a nice validation of my own investment strategy – invest in indexes with a VERY long term view, and contribute monthly. Then, just get on with life.


Enjoy the weekend!

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