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Here’s a brief idea from me, and a few content recommendations that have the potential to shift your thinking in a significant way. 

I’m also trying something new this week. I post short ideas on Instagram (health and fitness) and Linkedin (career and leadership). You can find a neat summary of them from the last week down below too. Let me know if you find these useful.


I’ve always found the randomness of getting some habits to stick perplexing.

I’ve struggled with a bunch of habits for years – only then to have something click and to then find it easy. You hear stories of people who have tried to give up smoking or drinking for most of their life. Then, one day they make a snap decision to quit and never look back. 

It’s almost the randomness of it that I find frustrating. It suggests we have no control.

I found myself speaking to my brother Joseph about this last week. He made the point that it’s often the coming together of the subconscious and conscious that makes things click for people. That’s why therapies which focus on the subconscious (e.g. hypnotherapy) can get fast results for some people. But even that is a bit temperamental. For example, I’ve had hypnotherapy work done before for an issue which didn't yield a result. But, when I tried cognitive behavioural therapy (which feels more conscious), it made all the difference.

Again, it’s the randomness of how to get the subconscious and conscious to be congruent that puzzles me. But, think about what you DO have control of – our effort and our persistence.

If you keep trying different things, something will eventually click – whether it's quickly or it takes a while. It might be a nugget from a book. Something someone says in a podcast. A conversation you have with someone. A change you make to your environment. A new approach you take. You have a much more likely chance of stumbling into one of those moments if you keep your chin up and persist. 


Fitness, Luck and Health By Greg Glassman (article)

I found myself re-reading this absolute classic from Greg Glassman (founder of Crossfit). It’s core message is how important it is for you to take control of your health and have a preventative approach. Greg Glassman puts it so elegantly, I won’t try and do it justice with a summary. Just go and read it ;-)


I post short ideas on Instagram (health and fitness) and Linkedin (career and leadership). Here is a summary of them from the last week:


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Have a GREAT weekend!

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