Yep, Friday again!

Here’s a brief idea from me, and a few content recommendations that have the potential to shift your thinking in a significant way.


There might not be a skill more valuable to build for your career than being a good problem solver. When you're good at solving problems, you also get good at spotting them before others. These skills make you immensely valuable to many different types of companies and people.

How do you get good at solving problems? It’s a hard one to give advice on. 

The main thing I can come up with is that you have to build the muscle by doing it over and over. You need to be operating on the edge of your capability – solving new and difficult problems. That might actually be the hardest bit. Can you find a company which will give you the opportunity and environment to do that?

As I was thinking about this, it reminded me of the tricky balance between supporting people, and giving them space to work on new things and make mistakes for themselves. Part of helping people is sometimes letting them get into deep water first, and then helping them find a way out of it.

If you manage teams and people, that’s worth thinking about. Not only does it make people stronger, but it also helps you build the best teams.


Tips for How to Get More REM Sleep by Whoop (article)

Sleep is something I have become much more focused on recently – for good physical and mental health. This article is a great overview of why sleep is so important, and what improves and inhibits a good night's sleep. A really easy and practical read. 

P.S. I still LOVE my whoop band. It’s helped change a lot of my behaviours for better health. If you think you want one, you can get a free month by using this link.

The Productivity Funnel by Cal Newport (article)

Productivity isn’t just doing stuff – it’s much broader than that. I love how Cal Newport breaks down his definition of productivity as a 3 part funnel. It covers every angle. When you see it like that, you're able to better understand where you can improve to be more effective. A great, quick read.


Have a a GREAT weekend!

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