Hello everyone, and welcome to our March newsletter! The Faction Wars continue!
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The Faction Wars Continue!

Well Met, Citizen of Caerus!

Welcome to our March newsletter! We released a lot of info over the last month and we're excited to see what happens next!

The Faction Wars will be entering their next stage soon and we've had a great time watching everyone get pumped up for their factions!


Dave and Mark joined the guys over on the Ban Hammer podcast to discuss the game, some of its features, and plans! What was intended to be a short interview turned into a full 90 minutes of podcast gold.

Listen in to hear all that was discussed!

Dev Update

We didn't manage to fit in a dev update last month, so we thought we would give you a quick update on our progress, and some decisions that have been made in the last couple of months.

All in all, things are still going great with the prototype. While things aren't progressing quite as quickly as we would like, they're certainly moving in the right direction! We're changing direction slightly with our prototype however, and we wanted to briefly explain why. There are a number of reasons, but it's certainly not anything to worry about. On the contrary it's largely due to you, the community!

As you no doubt know, we have been working on the Aaldnarech city of Thaal for our prototype. Work has been going really well, but we really want to get the city right, and right now there are still a few question marks over the specific design of the city. Rather than doing a rush job, we want to give the writers and designers time to really nail down exactly how it should all look, but we also don't want our world builders sitting idle!

This leads into a bit of an announcement, which we hope you will find pretty exciting. We have always said that we want you, our ever-supportive community, to get your hands on something asap, and have been formulating plans to do exactly that. The initial plan was the Pre-Alpha Tavern, which is still in the works, but we have a new and exciting plan. We want to give you a first-hand view of the game, and really get a feel for the assets we're making, and the scale of the world you will be inhabiting. Therefore, we have started work on an Exploration Demo!

We already have what we call in-house our "Test Island". It's a small chunk of the world (the island off the west coast of Aaldnarech), which we use for testing and playing around in. This island will ultimately become the alpha-test island, then beta-test island as well. We figured we should give our world builders free-reign to go nuts and create something awesome. In the process, it will allow them to bring the Test Island to a state ready for you all to jump in and explore!

We figure this is the best way to let you loose on what we are creating. Please note this will be a single-player exploration demo only. You will be able to drop into the world with a first-person camera, and run around exploring. It will give you a sense of scale, and I know the world team have some pretty fun plans for things to include in it (including re-creating the town used in the EoC-themed D&D sessions some of our community have been running!). There may even be some secrets to discover, and prizes for those who do ;)

Now, a quick disclaimer, it may still take us a while to get it up and running and ready to share with you all, and it needs to go through various testing stages before we are happy to show it (internal, F&F, Plat club etc.), but we're really excited to show it to you!

Other than that, a LOT of the dev work has been around the content for the Faction Wars, ongoing work on the world, updating the client code to the new version of the Havok Vision engine, updating game shaders (see the screenshot in this newsletter), etc., etc., etc. :)


Embers of Caerus has been added to Hypejar! Hypejar is a service that allows you to keep your eye on cool upcoming games and films, and show how hyped you are for your favorite titles! If you are excited for Embers of Caerus, head on over and give us a hype!


The Faction Wars

The forums have been alive with activity as the communities rally behind their chosen factions and continents to come up with great ways to encourage others to join their cause.

Over the next few weeks we will be showcasing the best of them, and you all have the rest of April to pick your banner, and declare your allegiance!

Currently leading the race are the two Aaldnarech nations: Aldor and the Thertian Empire, but chasing close behind are the two Valedonian nations: Vallenheim and Dalwyn. Who will win, only you can decide!

Visit HERE for more information on the Faction Wars.

Weekly Release Roundup

This month was massive for content releases, all aimed to help you understand our many factions, and decide which you prefer. Here is a summary!

All the music we have release can also be listened to on our new Audio Page

EoC in the press

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