Hello everyone, and welcome to this, our second monthly newsletter!

January Newsletter (Issue 2)

Well Met, Citizen of Caerus!

Welcome to this, our second monthly newsletter! This will be more representative of future issues, as opposed to the massive one we had last time.

With that, let's get to the good stuff!

Developer's Corner

January has been a pretty hectic month for the team. First of all we are very happy to report that, with the expert assistance of the Havok support team, we have not only managed to fix our SpeedTree issues, but we have also made some great improvements to the quality of the trees in the engine. We have included a couple of screenshots of the new trees in this newsletter, so we hope you like them! Other than fixing trees, the world team has been plowing on with the Thaal area, tweaking terrain and adding props and ground foliage. There are still some minor issues to iron out, but things are really starting to come together!

Concept-wise, pretty much all the creature concept work for the prototype has been completed, and has moved into the modeling process. Work for the concept team now moves on to refining the architecture and layout of Thaal, making sure what is being created really represents what the writer (Rob) envisaged for the city. Somehow they are also finding time to work on some atmospheric pieces which we may, if you are lucky, release in the coming weeks ;)

The engineering team has been hard at work - despite Dave being away on business trips for three weeks of the month - working on system prototypes, website updates, and fixing/refining the game client and server foundation code. One thing we are particularly excited about is the Ocean Water simulation, currently being worked on by our highly-talented graphics programmer, Steven Sell. We can't wait to see the finished product, and to share that with you all when it is ready. Another new recruit, Jonathan Small, has been making fantastic progress with our terrain and creature shaders, giving us ever more tools to bring you a really great, high fidelity experience.

The writing team continues to churn out lore, descriptions and stories of the highest standards, as you will have seen in our latest lore release penned by Kerryanne Leach, our Nupoanqa writer. Kerry had to take a short sabbatical for personal reasons, but we are very glad to have her back with the team and bringing us the mesmerizing writing we have come to expect from her!

Last, but not least, the audio team. As you will have experienced with the recent musical releases, they are still producing the highest quality audio, be it musical pieces or sound effects. There are some great things in the pipe, and we can't wait to share them with you!


We had two Livestream sessions this month, one with Art Director Lee Perkins and another with both Lee and Environmental Artist Sam Ellison. The recordings will be uploaded soon, and you can view them here:


Gamer Safety Week

Forsaken Studios has joined together with a number of high-profile game companies under the umbrella of the Gamer Safety Alliance to bring you Gamer Safety Week, running from February 6th to 12th, 2013. To raise the profile of this event, we are running a "what is gamer safety?" competition, with the best entry winning a Platinum Club Lifetime Membership! Check the website soon for full details.
Some lovely forest at the base of a mountain.

Weekly Release Roundup

What is that I see in the distance through the trees...?

EoC in the press

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