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Bertie's story

“I fell in love with my borrowed dog, Bertie, straight away. When I signed up to BorrowMyDoggy, I’d just started working from home, so I can have Bertie most days. It gets a bit lonely when you’re on your own, so I wanted some company during the day - just a dog to sit with me in my office. Not just for me, but for our family as well, it didn’t seem possible to have a dog full-time. The fact that we can now all enjoy a dog and we don’t have the full commitment of one is brilliant. All of my family really loves him as well - it’s changed our lives and it’s been really nice.” - Bertie’s borrower, Hannah.

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Teach your borrowed dog not to snatch food

Teach your borrowed dog not to snatch food from your hand with this simple training tip.

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Looking for a refreshing summer dog treat so your borrowed dog can enjoy lots of fun in the sun? Here's an easy recipe!

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