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Cider's story

After feeling that traditional doggy daycare was “quite regimented”, Cider’s owner, Lesley, was so happy to find a BorrowMyDoggy match. For her, it’s been a “win, win, win. I’ve found people who live close by that love dogs in the way that we do. Whether you’re an owner or a borrower, it will change your life.”

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Removing dog hair from furniture

Does your dog’s hair get all over your furniture and carpet? Here's a quick and simple clean up trick that works on sofas, rugs, car seats, and even dog beds!

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Jack's story

After her work circumstances changed, owner Phyllis joined BorrowMyDoggy with her rescue dog, Jack. They matched with borrowers Saskia and Colin, who are local students with flexible schedules. As Phyllis said, “the match has been a godsend.”

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