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July was a pawsome month at the BorrowMyDoggy kennel and we were thrilled to announce our new third party liability insurance. Our number one goal is to keep our community happy and safe, which is why we love to launch new pupdates like this for you.

Want to know what else got our tails wagging in July? It was hearing some of your amazing BorrowMyDoggy stories. These heartwarming and happy tales bring us so much joy, so we've been sharing even more of them in our 'Puppy Love' posts that we hope you'll enjoy.

Wishing you all a wagtastic day :)


BorrowMyDoggy Insurance

This pawsome new benefit is now included in all owner memberships and covers subscribed owners and borrowers whilst looking after a BorrowMyDoggy pooch.


Sharing the Puppy Love

It's absowoofly wagnificent when our lovely members share their BorrowMyDoggy stories, and with our new ‘Puppy Love’ feature, you can read them too.


Lend a helping paw

Most of the changes made to the BorrowMyDoggy website are done based on your amazing feedback, and we’re on the lookout for members to help us test upcoming new features.


Waggy Tales

  My fiancée and I are over the moon. BorrowMyDoggy is wooftastic - we get to spend time with Axel on weekends and we're doing his owner a favour too.
Borrower Kev & Axel
  Poppy adores her new friend and he’s so good with her - he’s sent from heaven. BorrowMyDoggy is helpful. It helps me, it helps Poppy and it helps others.
Owner Andrea & Poppy
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Press woofs

We’ve received lots of wonderful woofs in the press this month and a big high paws to everyone who mentioned our young pup of a company. Here are a few of July’s highlights, click on the logos to read more.



From a dog who gets 100 balls for his birthday to ten pawsome life lessons our poochy pals teach us (our favourite - “play everyday”), we’ve got lots of cute and funny treats in store for you this month.

This happy chappy is your wagulous teaser.

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Dogs of the month

Name: Scout & Buck

Age: 3 and 2

Location: North Yorkshire

Scout and Buck love absowoofly everyone - they’re dog, cat, chicken and child friendly! They have lots of energy and are happy to walk for as long as you’re willing to take them. Affection, cuddles and playtime are their all time favourites.


Borrower of the month

Name: Frankie

Location: Surrey

Favourite breed: I love them all, but I’m particularly fond of Miniature Schnauzers

As far back as I can remember, I’ve always wanted a dog. Seeing as I can't have my own, I joined BorrowMyDoggy for the opportunity to spend more time with pooch. I live next door to a huge dog-friendly park and I'd take of a dog as if it were my own.


August's Doggy Calendar

  Wiggle your toes (ahem, paws) day

Worldwide, get wiggling!

  World Cat Day

A day to celebrate our 'purrfect' little feline friends

  Bark Shots - Dog Friendly Screening

Hackney, London

  All About Dogs Show


  Hampshire Pet Fair

Portsmouth, Hampshire



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Woofs and tail-wags,
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