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October Newsletter

Afternoon Woofs!

Welcome to the October newsletter bringing you all the latest goings on from the BorrowMyDoggy Kennel and across the doggy world.

Since we last spoke...

In our September newsletter we told you all about the new BorrowMyDoggy matching system that we were rolling out. Since then, hundreds of you have been logging in every day and messaging each other which is absowoofly wonderful! Thanks so much for your pawsome feedback so far too and please do keep all your suggestions and comments coming in to

In addition to all the extra walkies and ear ruffles that your doggies have been getting, we’ve been so thrilled to hear about the wonderful new local friendships that are forming all across the BorrowMyDoggy user base. People who have lived in the same area for years are getting to know their neighbours thanks to our four-legged furry friends. From students and families, to pensioners and professionals, you’re all leaving ‘Pawprints of Happiness’ on each other’s lives and it’s making us tail-waggingly happy!

We love hearing all about you, our wonderful users, so we made a little video to introduce you to Les and Rikke, the co-founders of BorrowMyDoggy. The video tells you a bit about how we started and how the process works. It also features some of our tail-wagging friends. We hope you enjoy it - high paws!

Woofs and tail-wags,

The BorrowMyDoggy Team

A walk in the park...

Here at BorrowMyDoggy we’re always finding exciting new ways to mix up our doggy’s favourite time of the day…..walkies. We’ve had a sniff around, and there are many online sites that allow you to find and locate pawsome new routes for you and your dog to em-bark on everyday. Here’s a short summary below, but you can read the full entry on our blog. This site is absowoofly great…you select the area you’re going to be walking your doggy in, and it does all the hard work for you. This site was started when Jem the border collie’s owners were stuck in a traffic jam on the M40 and needed somewhere to stop so she could stretch her legs, but weren’t sure where to take her... If you know where you and your doggy are trying to get to, but you just don’t know how to get there then this website is for you.

Bark outs in the press

Thanks to Vet’s Klinic TV who met with our co-founder Rikke Rosenlund this month. Vet’s Klinic do an amazing job caring for our four-legged furry friends, so we were thrilled when they asked Rikke to be on their show. We would like to thank them for woofing about us and helping us leave Pawprints of Happiness on many more dogs’ and peoples’ lives.

She also featured on-air with Sean Moncrieff on NewsTalk FM in Ireland (follow the link to 51 minutes).

In addition to this, a massive High Paws to the Daily Telegraph for woofing about us this month in their article on the top 20 thrifty tips for your home!

Doggy of the month

Charlie Charlie

Breed: Golden Retriever
About Charlie: Charlie is the most friendly loveable dog in history. Likes to run around like a mad dog, 3 years old so still lots of puppy energy.

Borrower of the month

Josh Josh

Experience:  I have had dogs for nearly my whole life and love having them around. My first dog was an Old English Sheepdog and my second was a Yorkshire Terrier. My boss brings his dog to work which I spend more time playing with than working!
Why did you sign up?: I love dogs and I can give them a lot of time and attention.

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