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February 2016
Dear Carl
The balance of your General No-Claim Reward as at 25/06/2016 is currently: 1236.59*
The balance of your Buildings No-Claim Reward as at 25/06/2016 is currently: R 26932.36*
*This is a provisional amount and may be subject to change. You can check the date that the 
Reward is due to you in your policy schedule.


Welcome to the first edition of wyzeup for 2016. You have probably noticed the new No-Claims Reward feature at the top of the newsletter. This shows the No-Claims Reward/s that you are participating in and your current balance. Your balance will be reflected in every issue of wyze.up going forward. So, as long as you don’t have a gap in cover, miss a premium or register a claim, you should see your reward balances increasing every month. Please  Please click click here for all qualifying criteria, terms and conditions of the No-Claims Rewards.

WYZE New Year resolutions

It’s the New Year and with it brings new beginnings. Make a wyze resolution to get your insurance policies in order.  

Be cyber WYZE. Don’t fall victim to cyber crime.

Online fraud is a worldwide problem and many South Africans have fallen victim to different forms of cyber crimes.  

Be WYZE. Don’t text and drive

Mobile technology has over the last couple of years seen exponential growth.  

Be WYZE about the future.
Get covered.

We understand that the needs of one person and their family differes from the needs of others.  

Say What?

In each issue of wyze.up we take some of the more complicated insurance terms and ‘jargon’ and explain what they mean in simple language.  

Download the iWYZE app!

The iWYZE app is free, easy to use and filled with awesome features. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, do it now.  

Feedback from our clients

A selection of comments, compliments and suggestions submitted by our clients.  


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