Facebook hoax, Kings on Twitter, bear selfies and song lyrics.

Howdy <<First Name>> and welcome to the first Weekly Digital Roundup of 2015!

We hope you had a fabulous break but we also hope that you're now back and raring to go. We are, and we've been smashing through new websites and copywriting all week.

By the way, we sent out a Yearly Roundup of 2014 on Boxing Day. It was a monster - did you get it? (
You can view it here.)

Anyway - let's get rounding up, shall we? Yeehaa! 

We Three Kings Of Twitter

Todd is sometimes referred to locally (or is that just in his own head?) as the 'King of Twitter,' but he ain't got nothing on these brands.

In 2014 there were some incredible displays of social media marketing and customer service. Here's a great roundup of the best of brands on Twitter in 2014 including Google vs. Greggs, Sainsbury's vs. Lidl and of course the badman ting that is Argos's awesome social media conversation.

The Good, The Great and The Tweeting Brilliant of 2014

Better Safe Than Sorry?  

If you have a Facebook account then you'll now know that there isn't actually a Channel 13 News in the UK and you'll potentially be somewhat ashamed of some people on your friend list right now. 

Over the last week a viral Facebook hoax has been littering timelines. Users have followed like sheep, copying and pasting a long status in a bid to save their images from being stolen or used by Facebook. 

Todd got a bit cross and posted this on his Facebook. Just for the record, anything you put on the internet is owned by... everyone (in theory).

If you think that social media networks look after your privacy and copyright then I'm afraid you're very much mistaken. Our advice? Never post anything you wouldn't want on the front page of a newspaper. 

Not The 9 O'Clock Channel 13 News

It Doesn't Really Matter if You're Naked or Not - These Misheard Lyrics are Brilliant!

We've all been there. Singing away without a care in the world, and then we realise we're not singing the exact right words. 

Hopefully you've not been singing these ones out loud with your headphones in? (If you have, please send video evidence!)

I Knew You Were Trevor When You Walked In

Please Bear on the Side of Caution with your Selfies 

2014 was hailed the year of the selfie. The word 'selfie' even made it into the English Dictionary.

But with every new trend comes danger and stupid people (a tricky combination). There was an actual warning sent out last year that we only came across this week.

The US Forest Service have warned people to stop taking selfies with bears. Yes, bears. You know, those huge dangerous animals that can outrun you and munch you in a couple of bites? 

Selfies with Bears - The Grizzly Pre-Chase Snaps

While You Were Away... Twitter Created... 'While You Were Away'!

Now for some worrying news for Twitter fans.

Twitter have started the new year with a Facebook-esque timeline change and it's all very 'most recent/top stories'.

Now when you log on, Twitter will show you some of the older content first and then the chronological content once you scroll a bit.

Nice touch... but we're concerned. Twitter is all about up-to-date stuff, not what was great while you were away. The move towards using clever algorithms is another step closer to the manipulated timeline of Facebook and one that users don't seem to want.

What do you think? Is this a good or bad addition? Are you seeing it on your account? 

TwitterBook is Coming - Can You Face it?

World's Largest Rubik's Cube - the 7 Hour Solution 

You may have heard about Todd's addiction to Rubik's Cubes. He can now solve one in less than two minutes and we even used one in a workshop recently to demonstrate how we unravel the online world and help it make sense.

Todd's good... but he's not going anywhere near this cube anytime soon.

Here's how to solve the world's largest Rubik's Cube in... well... about 7 and a half hours (in a sped-up video!). 

Have You Ever Been This Focused?


JCF's Most Popular Facebook Post This Week

In marketing it's all about consistency in your message. Keep it simple and keep it consistent.

But, don't go too far. 

Marc Jacobs Fashion, a New Label from Many Marc Jacobs Labels, and Mention Marc Jacobs Quite a Few Times on a Marc Jacobs Top from Marc Jacobs. Well Done, Marc Jacobs (We love Marc Jacobs)

On The JCF Blog This Week...

We've written two blogs this week. The first post was all about Auto DMs and how much we hate them. The second was a quick help sheet to fix a Facebook glitch that had Page owners scratching their heads. 

Why Automated Direct Messages on Twitter Need to Die… Right Now!  

Facebook Pages Can’t Share Other Posts (a Workaround)

And we're done - stick a fork in us!  

Happy Belated New Year to you and thanks for spending a few moments with us once again. This year we're planning for some BIG changes and we're super-pleased to have you along.

We'll see you again - same time, same place, next week.

See you online,

Todd, Jo, and Laura x

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