U.S. Battery October 2016 Newsletter 
U.S. Battery Manufacturing

 Using Runtime Ratings To
Accurately Compare Batteries

While it's been common to compare deep-cycle, flooded lead-acid batteries by their amp-hour ratings, many of the printed labels can give misleading information. That's why comparing runtime ratings can be much more accurate. Read more... 
U.S. Battery GM Platinum Award

U.S. Battery CMO Don Wallace 
Recognized By 
Corporate Vision

Corporate Vision Magazine named U.S. Battery's CMO Don Wallace as CMO Of The Month in the September 2016 Issue.
Read more... 
U.S. Battery Sponsors Bulls Only Fishing Tournament

Helping Flood
Victims With
The Convoy
Of Care

When flooding devastated Louisiana, U.S. Battery participated in the Convoy Of Care to deliver food and supplies to flood victims in the area.
Golf course chooses US Battery products

Dutt Electronics
"Energy Save" 
Storage System
Uses U.S. Battery

After extensive research Spain's Dutt Electronics preferred U.S. Battery's 185E deep-cycle, batteries over Lithium-ion and other competitors products for a variety of important reasons. Read more... 
USB Celebrates its 90th anniversary


New 8-Volt GCE Designed With More Performance

With a runtime rating of 110 minutes at a 56-amp draw, U.S. Battery's newest 8VGCE offers an economical option that doesn't sacrifice performance or high-quality internal components.

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