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U.S. Battery Manufacturing

 New 8-Volt ATB Battery
Ready To Power The
Growing EV Market 

US Battery 8VATB

U.S. Battery is meeting the needs of a growing heavy-duty electric vehicle market with its new 8VH ATB 8-volt deep-cycle “all-terrain” battery. It's designed to handle extreme power requirements in a variety of electric powered vehicles such as golf cars, off-road vehicles, service equipment, and more. Read more... 
U.S. Battery GM Platinum Award

U.S. Battery Receives GM's Platinum Award For Shipping Performance
U.S. Battery Manufacturing received a Platinum Award from General Motor’s Customer Care and Aftersales Division, in recognition of the company’s on-time shipping performance. Read more... 
U.S. Battery Sponsors Bulls Only Fishing Tournament

U.S. Battery Sponsors 20th Annual Bulls Only Fishing Tournament

The 20th Annual Bulls Only Fishing Tournament, raises money for improving schools, retirement homes, and local charities in the town of Punta Chivato, Baja California, Mexico.
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Golf course chooses US Battery products

Why This Golf Course Owner Relies On U.S. Battery Products

With 40-years of experience, the owner and operator of the Lakewood Golf Club in North Carolina, claims his golf-car fleet's batteries last four full seasons. Read more... 
USB Celebrates its 90th anniversary


U.S. Battery Celebrates Its 90th Anniversary

Starting in 1926 by the company's founder John Anderson, U.S. Battery is celebrating its 90th-anniversary manufacturing deep-cycle batteries for a variety of worldwide markets. Here's a brief history of our company's legacy and growth.
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