U.S. Battery Helps A Foundation Continue Its Restoration Of A Historical Motorcar 

Donating Batteries To The Travel Town Museum Foundation In Los Angeles, CA
Helps To Preserve A Piece Of Railroading History


Corona, CA – In an effort to help preserve a small piece of railroading history, U.S. Battery donated a set of its 15-4-1 XC2, 8-volt deep-cycle batteries to the Travel Town Foundation in Los Angeles, California, who are in the process of restoring a 1929 M.177 Motorcar.
The Motorcar was originally constructed by a joint venture between General Motors and the Pullman Car & Manufacturing Company for the Santa Fe railway. According to Bryan Reese, Travel Town Foundation volunteer in charge of the project, these Motorcars were experimental vehicles that proved the use of internal combustion engines in Motorcars were more efficient, and could be designed as a compact all-in-one vehicle.

“The M.177 served as motive power, a passenger vehicle, baggage, and mail express all in one car,” said Reese. “This is the only one of three left that still has the original Winton gasoline engine. These batteries from U.S. Battery are essential to making the car work, as it has an unusual electrical system consisting of a 64-volt circuit to crank the engine, and a 32-volt circuit to power the lighting and everything else in the car.”

Volunteers restoring M.177 train with U.S. Battery products“The restoration of the M.122 has been on-going since the mid 1980’s” said Nancy Gneier, Executive Director at the Travel Town Museum Foundation. “Donations like this, however, help us with the continuous process in restoring vehicles that showcase the history of transportation in our country, as well as give high-school students a venue to volunteer and earn community service hours. Programs like ours actually helps kids to be responsible and learn how to communicate better, which will help them later in life.”
The 15-4-1 XC2 batteries fit perfectly in the two original battery compartments of the M.177 Motorcar and once connected, will help bring it back to life. “We fully support the Travel Town Foundation in their efforts to help kids and preserve a piece of railroad history,” said Don Wallace, U.S. Battery CMO/Executive VP Sales and Marketing.  “If this small donation will help the foundation keep serving the community and helping kids, then we’re proud to be a part of it.”
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Pictured above: Bryan Reese Travel Town M.177 restoration manager (on right) with Will Cosso, a student volunteer on the project. 


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