U.S Battery Manufacturing April 2014 Newsletter
U.S. Battery Newsletter

U.S. Battery's Launches 
Its Newly Re-Designed Website

U.S. Battery Manufacturing launched its newly redesigned company we site that provides easier navigation with links to the company's complete line of flooded lead-acid and AGM battery products. "This website will make it easier for our national and global dealers and customers to find and  download product information on every U.S. Battery product we manufacture," says Dwayne Porter, U.S. Battery Marketing Manager. "Our website has now become a more powerful tool for our customers and provides greater capability to keep up with our company's expansion and leadership in the industry." 
The new U.S. Battery website is scalable for easy viewing on tablets, laptops and mobile phones, and features new tech tip videos and power calculators to help visitors select the right battery and optimize power for their particular application, and extend battery performance. All of our product Data Sheets, Tech Sheets and media E-blast links are updated and now available on the site.

U.S. Battery Powers Green Horizon's Sail Boat
U.S. Battery Powers A Solar Retrofitted Sail Boat

U.S. Battery provided ten of its REGC2 deep-cycle batteries to Pure Ocean Productions for a travel adventure film called Green Horizons. Read more...
About Single Point Watering Systems
Are Single Point Watering Systems Worth The Cost? 

Find out how to weigh the cost of a watering system versus the time it takes to water your entire fleet, and see if a single point watering system is right for you.. Read more...
U.S. Battery Maintenance Tips Video
U.S. Battery Video On Watering And Maintenance Tips

U.S. Battery Manufacturing's latest YouTube video provides step-by-step instructions to help consumers understand how to properly water and maintain Flooded Lead-Acid, Deep-Cycle Batteries. The video focuses on safety precautions, as well as the proper tools and steps necessary to clean and maintain any deep-cycle battery used in golf cars, RVs, floor cleaning machines, renewable energy systems, scissor-lifts, and more. 
Watch The Video Here

U.S. Battery safety handling tips

10 Essential Tips To Safely Service Flooded Lead-Acid Batteries

Safety is a big concern when working around flooded lead-acid batteries. Here are the 10 most important tips to follow to prevent accidents or injuries. Read more... 
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