U.S. Battery's  US8VGCX C2™ provides on average 40% more useful cycle life than Trojan's T-875 T2

U.S. Battery's  US8VGC XC2™ provides on average 40% more useful cycle life than Trojan's T-875 T2

In the golf car industry, there is a time in a battery pack’s life where we all agree that it’s time to replace the batteries. The reserve capacity we agree on is 50% of rated capacity. That means that the battery pack may not allow the golf car to make two rounds of golf in a day. So 50% of rated capacity is considered “end of usable life”.

Trojan claims, on their published performance chart, that their T-875 T2 battery reaches the end of life at 100%. . .WHAT?!?!?   Why would they change the life cycle numbers across the bottom of the chart to percentages, instead of charge cycles? If we look at the real numbers, we see that Trojan's T-875 T2 makes on average 640 cycles. U.S. Battery's US8VGC XC2™ provides on average 900 cycles. That’s 40% MORE usable battery life! MORE battery life is good for you and your customers!!

Perhaps Trojan didn’t want you to know that their T-875 T2 only reaches on average 640 cycles. We can only guess.

“USB Engineering Footnote: The battery industry standard for end of life is 50% of rated capacity; for smaller batteries this will translate to lower runtime at end of life.”

Now that we have worked you through four major factors of the bell curve performance chart, published by both U.S. Battery and Trojan battery, we think it's time for you to decide;
1.) Do you want higher initial capacity right off the shelf? USB gives you that!
2.) Do you want to reach rated capacity with less cycles?
USB gives you that!
Do you want more cycle life above rated capacity? USB gives you that!
4.) Do you want longer battery life? USB gives you that too!
5.) If you want to pay more for less? Trojan wins hands down!

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