U.S Battery Manufacturing April 2014 Newsletter
U.S. Battery Newsletter

Carbon Additives 
Not The Right Solution
For Sulfation Issues In 
Renewable Energy Applications

There's been some talk recently about the use of carbon additives to reduce the effects of sulfation in renewable energy batteries. Sulfation can occur when batteries are operated in a partial state of charge (PSOC) application, common when batteries are charged with solar cells, wind turbines and other unpredictable power sources. 

Several battery research groups have found that by using various new types of carbon in the negative plates of VRLA batteries, the sulfation issue could be addressed.  "These new carbons are often referred to as smart carbon, hyper carbon, ultra carbon, graphene or nano-carbon," says Fred Wehmeyer, Senior VP Engineering at U.S. Battery Manufacturing. "But they may or may not be composed of carbon nano-tubes that are still too expensive for large scale applications.”

The significance of this is that negative plate sulfation is a phenomenon that applies specifically to VRLA (AGM & GEL) batteries.  Smart carbon technologies intended to address negative plate sulfation in VRLA batteries do nothing to address sulfation of the positive plates in a flooded deep cycle battery, which is the primary issue when these batteries are undercharged or used in PSOC applications. Read the full story on our U.S. Battery Blog. 

U.S. Battery Teams Up With Michigan State Police
U.S. Battery Manufacturing of Corona, California, aided Michigan State Police in apprehending thieves who were stealing deep-cycle batteries from RV dealerships. Read more..
How To Equalize Golf Car Batteries For Longer Life 
Follow these steps to properly perform an equalization process that will help extend the life of golf car batteries by reducing the possibility of stratification. Get the tips...  
U.S. Battery Adds XC2 Formulation To HD12-Volt Applications

U.S. Battery Manufacturing has added its exclusive XC2™ formulation to the company’s US 24DCXC2, US 27DCXC2, and US 31DCXC2 12-volt heavy-duty batteries. These batteries are most commonly used in the lift and access, floor machines, RV, and Marine applications. Wit the  XC2™ formulation the batteries now provide a higher initial capacity and higher total energy delivery over the life of the battery. Read more... 


Vantage Vehicle International Selects U.S. Battery As OEM Battery Supplier

U.S. Battery Manufacturing was selected by electric vehicle manufacturer, Vantage Vehicle International, as the OEM supplier for lead-acid batteries in their products. Read more... 
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