U.S. BATTERY has the fastest cycling up to peak capacity time in the business.

Cycling up to rated capacity.

Last time, we talked about initial capacity, where we bested the Trojan in minutes of initial reserve capacity. Every DEEP CYCLE battery goes through charge cycles; use it, charge it back up, that is one charge cycle.

Deep cycle batteries take a number of charge cycles to reach rated capacity. It is the start of the well-known “BELL-CURVE” of cycle life.

Trojan T-875 T2: 75-150 cycles before it reaches rated capacity.
US8VGC XC2™: Often meets or exceeds rated capacity in as few as 25 cycles..

USB with XC2™ often meets or exceeds rated capacity in as soon as 25 charge cycles! Yes, it is unheard of, until XC2™. The Trojan T2, according to Trojan engineers in a recent article, say it takes 75 to 150 charge cycles to reach rated capacity.

You and your customers can be the judge, how soon do they want full performance from their battery pack?

XC2™ delivers maximum capacity (some would say “horsepower”) right away. Take it to the bank!

U.S. BATTERY with XC2 Meets or Exceeds Rated Capacity, with NO LOSS in Cycle Life!
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