Technical Service Bulletin regarding U.S. Battery's UTL terminals.

Corona, CA -

Equipment Affected: All US Battery products with UTL terminals
Battery Type:  US12VXC batteries with UTL terminals
Date Codes:  After August 2010

Condition Description:  US12VXC batteries with UTL terminals can exhibit a minor loose ‘feel’ of the stainless steel stud inserted into the lead terminal.  This condition does not affect fit, form, or function of the UTL terminal.  When installed in the application, the connecting hardware can be attached normally and the stainless steel nut can be tightened to the prescribed 100+5 inch-pounds.  The terminal will maintain a tight connection with the normal requirement for retightening on a periodic basis.  There is no deleterious effect from this condition on the UTL terminals’ current carrying capability, corrosion resistance, or capability to maintain a proper connection.

Cause of the Condition: Prior to August 2010, US Battery began development of an improved UTL terminal design.  The standard process utilizes a stainless steel hexhead bolt molded within a lead alloy casting.  The improved process utilizes a pressure die cast lead alloy terminal with a stainless hexhead bolt inserted from the bottom and swaged to capture it in the terminal.  The improved process provides increased resistance to torque fatigue caused by periodic retightening and greater resistance to torque failure caused by over tightening.  Because of dimensional variations in bolt head thickness, the swaging process can result in a minor loose fit of the bolt in the terminal.

Useful Notes:
1.) Bolt tightness before installation is totally insignificant.  A bolt-thru terminal like the offset ‘S’ or ‘L’ terminal is completely loose until the hardware is installed and tightened to the proper torque value.

2.) U.S. Battery changed to the pressure die-cast terminal several years ago because it is a much stronger terminal than the standard UTL terminal offten used by our competition.

3.) U.S. Battery's average torque for the pressure die-cast terminal is ~350 inch-pounds vs only ~240 for the standard process.  Since the recommended torque to tighten UTL terminals is 100+5 inch-pounds, there should never be a torque failure with the pressure die-cast terminal.

4.)  U.S. Battery utilizes "pressure die-cast" methods to design our UTL terminals. This process has added plenty of strength and reinforcement to our terminals causing them to stay tighter longer resulting in less frequent need for re-tightening.

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