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New Trade Show Display 
Adds A Larger Presence
For U.S. Battery And Its Dealers

U.S. Battery Manufacturing has a new trade show display featuring a 16-foot tower with two large video monitors on both sides that help provide a greater presence. A patio shaped canopy has large graphics, and two display counters are large enough to showcase a variety of U.S. Battery products. Find out more...  
Sense Smart Battery Watering Monitor
Sense Smart 
Electrolyte Valve 
The new Sense Smart™ valve manufactured by BWT and marketed exclusively by U.S. Battery takes the guesswork out of knowing when to water batteries. Read more... 
Battery Watering Technologies Visits U.S. Battery
Battery Watering Technologies Visits U.S. Battery 
Battery Watering Technologies representatives stopped by U.S. Battery's Corona,CA plant to discuss new changes and products in single point watering systems.
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Facts on recycling lead acid batteries
EPA report validates that lead-acid batteries are the most recycled product in the United States.

One of the important but seldom known aspects of the flooded lead-acid battery business are that nearly 100 percent of batteries are recycled, making it the most successful reclamation systems in existence.  
In a recent report, (June 2015) the Environmental Protection Agency compared recycling rates for a multitude of materials and found that lead-acid batteries had the highest recycling rate of all consumer products in the United States by a very wide margin. 
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