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29.06.2016 - 14.10.2016
The Moth House is pleased to announce the launch of the Edgar Martins' Siloquies and Soliloquies on Death, Life and Other Interludes at MAAT (Lisbon, Portugal).
Produced in collaboration with the National Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences (INMLCF) in Portugal and supported by The Arts Council, England, this project proposes to scrutinise and hold in tension many of the contradictions and problems inherent in the conceptualisation, definition and depiction of death. These intentions collide, overlap and blur in Martins' images, revealing the fragility of our perceptual and cognitive systems.

'By productively linking documental and factual records (pertaining to real cases and meeting the scientific and operational requirements of the INMLCF) with images that seek to explore their speculative and fictional potential', argues exhibition curator Sérgio Mah, 'Siloquies and Soliloquies on Death, Life and Other Interludes seeks to expose the decisive but deeply paradoxical role that photography – with its epistemological, aesthetic and ethical implications – has played in the perception and intelligibility of violent death.'
This work marks a significant transition in Edgar Martins’ creative trajectory, including a broader, more diversified body of visual processes and types – photographs, appropriations, projections, installation, text – signalling the artist’s growing inclination towards a broader, more hybrid perspective of the practice of photography and the experience of images. 

A book of this work will be published on the 20th September to coincide with the launch of Edgar Martins' exhibition at Cristina Guerra Contemporary Art (Lisbon).
Man leaves a 1904 page suicide letter and then kills himself, 2010  © Edgar Martins

Untitled, 2016
Photo appropriated from the photographic archive of INMLCF          

Untitled,  2016  © Edgar Martins

 "Bloody drama in a humble home: Mother of 6 is stabbed to death by husband, 1968"
Photo appropriated from the photographic archive of INMLCF     

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