The Women's Council: August 2016 Newsletter
Welcome to the new school year Women’s Council Members! The 2016-17 school year marks the sixth year we have been operating and I know this organization is making an impact.
Notable Wins:  
  • 4 sold-out WILD Summits, where more than 1,000 women (including 100+ students) have brought the “woman in business” experience into focus, and have shared success stories about becoming stronger leaders
  • 250 students in contact with WC members
  • 14 student-led events that WC members support
  • 23 WC members involved with student events          
The Women’s Council was founded because there were only a few women (three of 50) on the Deming Center for Entrepreneurship Board of Directors. Thankfully, Cindy Carrillo, a passionate local leader with 30 years of experience in sectors geared toward helping women, children and families, decided she wanted to do something about it.  So, Carrillo gathered a group of founding members and got to work on the original mission of the Women’s Council, which encompassed:
  • Providing a forum for women who want to learn and share
  • Increasing visibility and accessibility of women in the community to students and each other
  • Engaging a broad audience of women who fit in every place along the continuum of age & experience – bringing together those who are seeking knowledge and those with a desire to share and give back.
Last year when I chaired the WILD Summit I wondered, has the Women’s Council moved the needle? And what needles are we trying to move?  As of this past spring the number of women on the Board has more than doubled…to seven!?! Doubling our impact is great!  But we can do more!

As the steering committee discussed future plans for our organization, we realized we have nailed some of our early goals, but wonder what more could this rare, motivated power-house of a Women’s Council achieve? We began a strategic planning process to imagine our long term direction, and soon realized we need your input.  What are you passionate about, and what new and long term goals should the Women’s Council strive for? Call me!  And if you don’t reach out, know that we will be calling you, and working together to advance our thinking at this year’s All Council meetings.

The suspense of what all of us on the Women’s Council will accomplish together this year and beyond is thrilling. Personally, my passion for being a part of the Women’s Council is an overarching goal to get more women into leadership and decision making roles.  There is much research indicating organizations perform better when there is gender diversity in leadership.  This is not about making things fair.  It’s about making our world better.
Women's Council Chair, Julie Imig
I look forward to chairing the Council this year, and look forward to moving needles with you.

Julie Imig
Women’s Council Chair

Want to make an Impact? We are Looking for Committee Volunteers.

  • Our Membership Committee has been created to help interview, vet and onboard our potential members. If you are interested in serving on the committee, please email Betsy Doughty.
  • The Events Committee has been established to help coordinate, promote, and create Women’s Council events throughout the year. To get involved please email Lindsay Sutula.
We’ve got a great year planned. Please look for Evite invitations one month prior to the event date for all events listed below. Learn more about each of these events.   
Oct 11: LEEDS Connect
Nov 17: All Council Meeting
Dec 6: Holiday Party
Jan 10: Prospective new members meeting
Feb 24: WILD V Summit
April 18: LEEDS Connect
April 25: All Council Meeting
June 10: LEEDS Connect

Coming Soon: Women’s Council / Faculty Staff Meeting later this Fall. Look for more details in our September newsletter.

Welcome New Members!

Cynthia Banks
Kelly Cochran
Christine Ekman
Judith Nowlin
Michelle Orge
Adriane Pilcher
Nicole Salter
Peggy Shell
Dana Stillman
Jessica Thill

Our Mission:

The Leeds School of Business Women’s Council at the University of Colorado Boulder is a network of successful business leaders who share their expertise and encouragement with students in order to positively impact the trajectory of tomorrow’s leaders.
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