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Your guide to heading south in your RV

Many RVers spend their time heading north to escape the sweltering heat and bustling crowds many destinations experience during the summer months. But, as the leaves begin to change, the time comes to start heading south – either home for the winter, or to a warm-weather local minus the throngs of vacationers. This is a great time of the year to take a look at your RV’s roof and prepare it for the winter camping season.
Of course, it wouldn’t be a Rudy Report without mentioning the benefits of a good inspection and cleaning, which are important steps to take before applying any kind of protection product to your roof. Inspecting your roof requires a detailed look at all seams and seals, and should also test the integrity of your roofing material to indicate any areas that need patchwork. Patch any holes and apply a bead of sealant to any sections that seem to be brittle or are peeling away. Once done, a good cleaning washes away all mildew, dirt and grime that has built up atop your roof through the RV season. This will ensure you don’t get any black streaks along the walls of your vehicle. You want to be working with the most secure and grime-free surface possible!

Quick safety reminder!  When inspecting your roof, a household ladder – particularly a stepladder – provides a more solid, secure access than rear-mounted ladders. Make sure the roofing surface is dry, free of slippery substances, and crawl before walking on your roof.
Now, applying a protective layer to your RV roof is a very simple process, but the key is using a product that performs several functions. Something like Dicor’s Roof Gard not only protects your roof from fading, oxidizing, drying and cracking from harsh UV rays, but it repels dust and water too. It is ideal for all EPDM and TPO RV roofing materials, and is easy to apply by simply spreading it over the roof with a mop or cloth.
To make this process even simpler, Dicor has made a multi-step how-to video showcasing the best practices for cleaning your roof and applying Roof Gard for instant protection.
Now that your roof is ready to go, hit the road and enjoy the sunshine and crowd-free beaches!
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