Secular Sunday #200 - Arbitrary Milestone Edition || 25 October, 2015
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Derek Walsh
Observant readers will have noticed that this is the two hundredth issue of this newsletter, and as I'm not the sort to let an round number go unremarked, it behooves me to say a few words about this milestone.
Little did I think, almost four years ago when Michael Nugent and I discussed the idea of a newsletter for Atheist Ireland that it would get to two hundred issues with me at the helm. Of course, I had suggested a monthly newsletter rather than a weekly one!
My circumstances are such that I can't currently devote as much time as I would like to supporting Atheist Ireland's activities, and I am grateful for the tireless efforts of my fellow committee members. Mine may be the face you see every week but it is the rest of the committee who do the work that makes having a newsletter worthwhile.
I may not be here for another two hundred issues, but I am certain that Atheist Ireland will go from strength to strength and I am glad that I have been able to play some small part in that.

- Derek Walsh, Editor


Submission to Department of Justice

Atheist Ireland has made a submission to the Department of Justice as part of the process of Ireland being reviewed by the United Nations Human Rights Council next year. It includes our recommendations on freedom of relgion and belief, the right to education, reproductive rights and the issue of historical abuse. The submission can be read in full here.

Educate Together

An Educate Together AGM motion this year called for admission policies that, if implemented, would indirectly discriminate against Catholics. Atheist Ireland opposes this. Educate Together has published a statement that attributes absurdity, dishonesty and ignorance to Atheist Ireland’s analysis of this. Read more.

Media Appearances

This week, Michael Nugent has been a guest on RTE Radio 1's Leap of Faith, spoken on Newstalk anout how RTÉ's new Angelus disrepsects atheists, and debated the same issue on BBC Radio Ulster's Talkback


Upcoming Events

All events are free and open to everyone unless otherwise stated. Listing is not necessarily an endorsement. Listings sorted alphabetically by county, then chronologically.


Saturday 14 November, 11:00, Ambassador Hotel, Cork (map)
Atheist Ireland AGM 2015. The morning session, from 11:00 am to 12.30 pm, is for members only. It will include a review of our last year’s activities, arrangements for our programme of work for the coming year, election of officers and any amendments to our constitution. The afternoon session, from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm, is open to the public. Event page
A dinner at 7:00 pm will follow, location to be confirmed. Event page


Friday 30 October 7:30 pm, The Pavillion Theatre, Dun Laoghaire (map)
An Evening With Richard Dawkins. €12/10. More info
(This talk is not being organised by Atheist Ireland, but we are organising post-event drinks in the Kingston Hotel Dun Laoghaire and all are welcome to come along.)




1 November

World Vegan Day

This Week in History

Anniversaries of momentous events in atheism, science, skepticism, secularism and human rights, plundered shamelessly from Wikipedia and other sources.

28 October

1965: Nostra Aetate, the "Declaration on the Relation of the Church with Non-Christian Religions" of the Second Vatican Council, is promulgated by Pope Paul VI; it absolves the Jews of responsibility for the death of Jesus, reversing Innocent III's 760 year-old declaration.

29 October

1969: The first-ever computer-to-computer link is established on ARPANET, the precursor to the Internet.


28 October

1955: Bill Gates, American business magnate, philanthropist, investor, computer programmer, and inventor. Co-founder and former CEO of Microsoft, he now co-runs the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, one of the largest private foundations in the world.
29 October

1910: Alfred Jules "Freddie" Ayer (d. 1989). British philosopher known for his promotion of logical positivism, particularly in his books Language, Truth, and Logic (1936) and The Problem of Knowledge (1956).

Media Watch

News and views from Ireland and around the world



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