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Money Sheep: How Not To Follow The Crowd.
We bring you two blogs this week as we catch up.  Those of you who regularly check our blog pages will have seen the earlier one which I have commented on below.

This weeks blog takes a look at crowd behaviour and how investors may benefit from being able to recognise the phenomenon  known as "group think".  We encourage our readers to think for themselves.  I did a bit of research myself into this and found that the psychologists discussing group or crowd behaviour have observed that 'Group mind' makes people feel, think and act in a manner quite different from that in which each individual would feel, think and act where he in a state of isolation.

This week prices of gold and silver have dropped due to "negative investor sentiment".  If you want to understand this a bit better and decide whether this presents a great buying opportunity, or not, then take a few minutes to read this blog.  If you have a bit longer there is also a very interesting video on Brexit which goes some way towards explaining how Europe works and why our politicians may not want us to leave.

In fact I have heard the view that it should be up to our politicians to decide if we should stay in or leave since ordinary people don't understand enough of what is going on behind the scenes.  This is a view I definitely disagree with!  What are your views?  We are keen to hear them!
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What's Going On in the World's Physical Gold Vaults?
You probably already know that there are far more ounces of paper gold and silver in circulation than physical.  The ratio of physical to paper, for those who have put their money into such instruments can be staggering.  Traders like paper because you don't have to worry about logistics too much and you can get in and out a bit cheaper but what is the risk of a run on gold.  Does having physical gold and silver put you in a better position.  Well we think it does but our banks don't seem to think it is as important as the Chinese.

China just bought a huge gold vault in London from Barclays bank.  In June 2015 the Bank of China joined the LBMA so it probably makes sense for them to have a nice big vault of their own.  Recently they introduced twice daily gold fixes at their Shanghai Gold Exchange.  China certainly seems to have a plan and it looks like they are playing the long game. 
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1oz Metalor Gold Bars

We are pleased to be able to offer our customers some cheap 1oz Gold Metalor Bars to offer you today. Each bar contains one troy ounce of gold (31.1035 grams) and is individually numbered. We have just 5 available so be quick if you would like one.

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1oz Silver Maple Leaf Coins

We have just reduced the price of these pre-owned, mint condition, maple leaves by £0.25 per coin. Maple leaf coins are one of the most popular silver bullion investments in the world and represent great value for silver stacking. These pre-owned coins are now offered at a £0.75 discount per coin vs new 2016 coins - A fantastic deal not to be missed!  

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1oz Gold Umicore Bars

Due to an in house overstock we are offering our email subscribers the chance to get their hands on some cheap 1oz Umicore gold bars. Use discount code "umicore10" at checkout for a £10 discount per bar until Wednesday 1st June.

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100oz Engelhard Silver Bar

We have just one of these pre-owned Engelhard 100 ounce silver bars available. This is a rare opportunity to pick up a chunk of cheap silver at a fantastic VAT inclusive price. Act fast if you want it as it's sure to sell quickly! 

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Thank you to our lovely customers who have been keeping us so busy over the past couple of weeks, it has been especially fantastic to deal with a new wave of younger investors who have discovered the benefits of using bullion as an alternative regular savers account. We look forward to serving you all in the future.
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