Ending 2015 by giving back & empowering our community because of your ongoing support: thank you!
Wishing you an amazing start to 2016
This is the year we've been waiting for: Cohort 1 graduates from high school and will be the first in their family to attend college exemplifying all students can succeed with equitable opportunities. Thank YOU for your continued support, belief, time, and donations: you are empowering change from the community, for the community.

FRIDAY MAY 20th, 6:00-9:00pm
$10,187 raised in the month of December: thank you!
Molly Coyne, Martha O'Donnell, Chandeni Sendall, Juliet Fleming, Stavan Corbett, Myra Greenspun, Carl Farrington, Kristin Grimes, Ninya Beyer, Rey Faustino, Richard Ressel, Margaret Patrice Tew, Dom Remy, Judy Hoovler, Ignacio Prado, Jacqueline Gillespie, Leo Murrieta, Daniel Goldfarb ES, Brianna Chavez, Elizabeth Walker, Megan Thomas, Vanessa & Scott Edmonds, John & Carol Donnelly, Clarence Coakley, Manoach Lamarre, Christine Dessormeau, Paul Thur, Shawn & Kim Boyle, Maria Ligsay, Mindy & Jeff Geihs, Nichole Wagner, Richard LaFosse, Aliy Bossert, Lindsay Eanes, The Williams Family, Rasheed Thompson, Katie Hagan, Jenny Carron, Nan Aitel-Thompson, Courtney Friedman, Amity Conkright, Chris Donnelly, Jerry Tsai, Anthony Schultz, Stacy Godnick, David & Judy Smith in honor of Chris & Dottie Smith, Ben Koch, James Stillerman, Sue Daellenbach, Thuynga Barr, Rebecca Kaatz, Shiney James, Mary Wakefield, Aldrich Sinampaga, Andrea Martinez, Kristopher Yeager, Ronen Rahaman, Shalynn Belpasso, Travis LaChapelle, Meagan Jackson, Christian Gerlach, Kimiyo Anceney, Lee Tuazon, Lauren Warshawsky, Richard Burns, Alison Caliendo, Angela Perlick, Peter Ferrari, Brenner Green, John Hawk, Carrie Sampson, David Thiel, Sharlene Ruiz, Daniel Kipnis, Jennifer Barrier, Anna Poulus, JJ Synold, Catherine Montenegro, Gail Larson, Isabelita Sanchez, Tim Hughes, Jake Des Roches, Erik Van Houten, Ben Regan, Dottie Smith, Maryssa Kucskar, Chris Estrella, Thrivent Financial, JW Marriot Las Vegas Resort & Spa and JM Hair Gallery
Thank you Clark County School District Fan Friday Fundraiser participants for donating $2,019! Pictured: CCSD Superintendent Pat Skorkowsky, LIT Founder & Executive Director Erica V. Mosca and C1+ & C2 members
Thank you Speedway Children's Charities - Las Vegas for a $1,000 grant for college visits! Looking forward to our CA trip in February. Pictured: C2 members
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