Watch a recap of trip to the Inauguration here.
January 2013 highlights
  • Read our published reflections “in the spotlight” on Out the Mouths of Babes
  • 42 percent of students receiving 1-on-1 tutoring increased their grade in a core subject by at least one letter grade
  • College Access activities: George Washington University campus tour and Q&A with former CSN Student Government President / current UNLV student & Academy of the Art University student
  • Community Service: volunteered at Hero School’s Motivational Experience and Academy & over 900 hours collectively volunteered since August 2012
  • Goldfarb ES Internship: 80 percent of round 2 in-school tutoring and 53 percent of after school tutoring students showed growth from pre to post test with 104 elementary students served since August 2012
  • Fundraising: $3,580 donated by 13 contributors
Above: Leaders in front of the White House, waiting for the Inauguration to begin.
Below: mid-year retreat reflections, January parent meeting, break after volunteering.

Words cannot express what it felt like to watch the 57th Presidential Inauguration with our students. Despite sleeping sitting up, a lack of showering and the COLD, our trip was worth every second. Yet, no matter the magnitude of our unforgettable memories, it’s the next steps and hopeful change of behavior and intrinsic motivation we most importantly take away from seeing life outside our city.

We’ve had some tough conversations at Leaders in Training as first semester came to a close. As research shows a lack of academic attainment remains the greatest barrier for underrepresented students to be accepted and graduate from a four-year university, we continue to push to create the habits of accountability, resilience, and perseverance for excellent grades.  From creating a parent program to partner with families to requesting and attending parent/teacher conferences to partner with schools and teachers, we continue to work diligently to ensure all our students graduate high school with real choices in life. We are excited to now have the experience of our cross country trip in our arsenal to remind students of why choosing hard work right now will lead to lead a better life later: a hard sell to fourteen year olds.

Nevertheless, we know if we just keep trying, we will get there and we will get there together. Thank you for your continued support of our students and following us on our cross country trip!
Thank you to our third quarter high school tutors: Drake Allsop, Lindsay Eanes, Brian Hemsworth, Romina Juarez, Adam Johnson, Amanda Keller, Ricky LaFosse, Yousuf Marvi, Keith Nathan, Angela Perlick, Desiree Taylor and Clair Thomas.
Richard LaFosse if you are interested in tutoring!
Thank you to our January Volunteers, Donors & Thought Partners: Nassim Agange, Iliana Arroyo, Ovik Banerjee, David Blodgett, Barry Conrad, J.T. Creedon, Destinations by Design, Shanna Dean, East Career & Technical Academy, Vanessa Edmonds, Joshua S. Ford Family, Robyn Fort, Courtney Friedman, Amanda Fulkerson, Brandon Greene, Alexa Griffiths, Katie Hagan, Evan Hartsall, Ian Helm, Judy Hoovler, Adam Johnson, Romina Juarez , Lee Khamvongsa, Benjamin Koch, Ricky LaFosse, Josh Levine, Paloma Martinez, Yousuf Marvi, Richard McConkie Family, Denise McDade, Carol Mosca, Eddie Mosca, Eric Mosca, Val Pen, Angela Perlick, Mark Rouse, Saswato Roy, Kayla Ruppell, Kirsten Searer, Christine Simo, James Stillerman, Dottie & Chris Smith, Anong Stritue, Desiree Taylor, Clair Thomas, Rasheed Thompson, Joe Voshchin, Victor Wakefield, Hakim Walker, Jacqueline Whitfield, Tommi Wollerton & Amanda Williams
For equitable opportunity,
Erica V. Mosca
Founder & Executive Director
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