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Announcing Leaders in Training's largest donation since opening in August 2012: $25,000 Windsong Trust Grant

Thank you Windsong Trust for empowering east Las Vegas students to become first-generation college graduates and future Nevada leaders.
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Oct 6-19: East Las Vegas collaboration Justin Brecht & BRICK Academy donate $5,000 

Sept 22-Oct 5: Parent Engagement & Family Support at LIT

Sept 8-21: Welcoming Cohort 3 and our now 60+ student leaders

Aug 25-Sept 7: Senior & Cohort 1+ Leader Lorenzo's LIT Story

Aug 11-24: Junior & Cohort 1 Leader Linda's LIT Story

Stats at a Glance after 4 semesters:
  • 60+ high school students served in 3 cohorts
  • 60 percent of Cohort 1 students ranked in the top half of their high school class at the end of Year 2
  • 46 percent of Cohort 2 students ranked in the top 20 percent of their high school class at the end of Year 1
  • 42 percent of cohort 1 students ranked in the top 20 percent of their high school class at the end of Year 1
  • Cohort 1 retention rate: 82 percent
  • Cohort 2 retention rate: 81 percent
  • Over 4,000 community service hours logged since August 2012
  • Over 200 elementary school students served through the Year 1 elementary school tutoring internship since August 2012
  • Full programming summary here
FY 14 Aug '14-July '15 Update:
Funding Goal: $76,900
Current Cash-in & Pledges: $42,758
Progress to Goal: 55%

Thank you for your support:
-Windsong Trust: $25,000
-Las Vegas Review Journal: $5,000 for scholarships from Justin Brecht
-Cash America: $1,000
-Myra Greenspun: $1,000
-Almost $8,000 in individual giving
Fall Fundraising Campaign
27 supporters have taken the bet our students are more than last with 173 more to go: join us today. Thank you:  Ben Koch, Courtney Friedman, Jake Eaton, Rasheed Thompson, Aliy Bossert, Mary Wakefield, Dwight Jones, Sean Parker, Allison Serafin, Seth Rau, Victor Wakefield, Ben Salkowe, Kristin Grimes, Tim Hughes, Jennifer Carvalho, Sue Daellenbach, Lindsay Eanes, Hector Fong, Willi Rubio, Osiris Dominguez, Angela Perlick, Carrie Sampson, Emily Bassier, Jamie & Ian Helm, Mallory Cyr, Jeff & Danielle Field and Rachel Rekowski.  
Thank you to our program donors this quarter: Rob Donnelly, Katie Hagan, Schoola, AmazonSmile, Jhone Ebert, Amity Conkright, Maggie Hsu, Shae Hagen, Alyse Sobosan, Lauren Warshawsky, Adam & Kayanne Johnson, David Blodgett, Brian Hemsworth and Blythe & Daniel Liles.   

Shout out to our 70+ volunteers & partners this quarter: we don't exist without you.
Save the date: Holiday party Thurs Dec 18, 6-8pm Goldfarb ES featuring CCSD Superintendent Pat Skorkowsky & Miss Nevada Lisa Sutton
For equitable opportunity,
Erica V. Mosca
Founder & Executive Director
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