Today is the day. You're invited to empower East Las Vegas students to become first-generation college graduates and the next-generation of diverse leaders who change the world.
 Empower Leaders in Training to win $3,000 by raising the most money today in the category of non-profits with a less than $100,000 operating budget #wecandoittogether. Kicking off this very special day, Leaders in Training is in first place :) Join us and help us stay on top!
THANK YOU for empowering LIT to kick off the NV Big Give at #1

Week 4 Donors: 
Adriana Guizar-Vazquez, Deysy Duran, Jonathan Day, Claire Cummings, Shannon Kemena, Patricia Warshawsky, Carl Von Hake, Ruben Rodriguez, Madgalena Ramis, Rasheed Thompson, Adam Johnson, David Thiel, Katie Hagan, Brooke Feder, Taylor Pen, Angela Perlick, Evan Dahn, Natalie Baker, Eric Mosca, Carol Mosca, Justin White, Jeremy Green, Linda McNeal, Sarah Soriano, Catherine Montenegro, Justin Michael, Samantha Jasa, Carina Lopez, Brenner Green, Keeghan Gormley, Grace Yi, Danielle Batin, Karina Giraldo, Michael Fields, Matthew Anderson, Kayanne Johnson, Carl Farrington, Nicole Caldwell, Joseph Morgan, Benjamin Regan, Zachary Stork, Celia Spillmann, Michelle Routh, Kristen Cragwall, Alison Caliendo, Amy Gronna, Stephanie Hartman & Jonathan Synold

Week 2 & 3 Donors:
Linda Ly, Natalie Pen, Stephen Troncoso, Kris Yeager, Tamyra Donelson, Felipe Crook, Katharine Spreen, Laura Fischer, Andrew Courtright, Leslie Dieguez, Nina Barcelona, Lindsay Scurto, Lauren Warshawsky, Joe Olson, Bill Fickett, Tyrel Marshall, Chelsea Snyder, Aliy Bossert, Sean Parker, Vanessa Wara, Lee Eanes, Jerry Tsai, Josh Dahn, Brian Hemsworth, Deborah Gandy, Ninya Beyer, Wayne Fort, Andrew Boruch, Jeffrey Larson, Gail Larson, Susan Fields, Paul Thur, Kristin Grimes, Dom Remy, Anthony Schultz, Kim Thiel & Ben Koch

Week 1 Donors:
 The Castellenos Family, Sue Daellenbach, Lindsay Eanes, Chris Estrella, Courtney Friedman, The Johnson Family, The Lopez Family, Erica Mosca, Anna Poulos, Jonathan Santos, Tamara Shear, Heather Synold & Vicki Van Beveren
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