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December 2013 highlights
  • 37 percent reduction in Cs, Ds & Fs comparing first quarter grades to second quarter progress reports, thank you tutors
  • College Access activities: Q&A with recent college graduates and Mt. Charleston-- get used to the snow for east coast colleges-- winter break social
  • Community Service: Served food at the Las Vegas Rescue Mission-- over 900 hours collectively volunteered since August 2012
  • Fundraising: $3,985 raised in 26 days during our holiday rally, big thank you to the 28 people who participated
  • Pictured below: Mt. Charleston trip, LVRM volunteering, Goldfarb ES Craft Fair fundraiser, holiday party & "Lincoln" movie leadership development
*Keep reading below for our big news!
Wrapping up the month and the year, we have so much to be thankful for. Only nine months ago Rob Donnelly was helping us with our 501(c)3 application though I was not sure students would sign up. Six months ago Allison Serafin coordinated our first fundraiser for my 26th birthday though I was not sure we would have an organization to use the money for. And even a month ago I questioned if we could help raise students' grades: with 49 "non-leader" grades reduced to 26 and the addition of a parent component during spring 2013, I know we are and will make a positive impact for our students.

Yet, as a first-generation college student myself, it's the opportunity gap that we are closing-- from ensuring students have exposure to leadership activities to professionals who have used their college degrees to succeed-- that makes me proud. New York Times recent article "For Poor, Leap to College Often Ends in a Hard Fall," showcases the exact lack of college persistence skills that we are trying to instill in our students. Therefore, we are proud to announce a once in a lifetime opportunity our students have won:
Tickets to the 57th Presidential Inauguration in Washington, DC
Upon entering a public contest with Senator Harry Reid's Office, Leaders in Training was chosen by random lottery to receive tickets to attend. After extensive thinking, planning, and excitement, we are taking students by Amtrak and visiting colleges along the way. Stay tuned for stories and pictures next month and consider donating to support the trip!

Looking back, in 2009 a majority of students attending our trip were in our Leaders in Training fifth grade classroom watching the Inauguration on tv. Looking ahead, we know in 2017 all students will be Leaders in Training graduates starting their second semester as freshman in college. Do not forget, this does not happen without your support. We remain incredibly thankful and wish you a Happy 2013!
Thank you to all our December volunteers & donors: Adam & Kayanne Johnson, Barry Conrad, Josh Levine, Kate Brenan, Cheryl Robison, Clair Thomas, Nathan Warner, Ricky LaFosse, Naima Blakes, Romina Juarez, Yousuf Marvi, Jessica Castillo, Angela Perlick, Desiree Taylor, Courtney Friedman, Alyse Sobosan, Amy Lavin, Victor Wakefield & Alexis Gonzales-Black, Denise McDade, Stacy Godnick, Monnica Chan, Tom Serres, Annie Hatley, Maryssa Kucskar, Lindsay Eanes, Ruth & Cliff Schlattmann, Amity Conkright, Aliy Bossert, Ben Regan, Zach Rose-Heim, Jerry Tsai, Paul Thur, Lauren Warshawsky, Kevin Kloeker, Fay Seamster & Mike Cooper, Ben Koch, Dottie & Chris Smith, Jenny Carron, Shiney James, Rob Donnelly, Chris Estrella, Amanda Salazar, Dom Remy, Carl Farrington, Rasheed Thompson, Ian Helm, Hakim Walker, Shannon Eneix, Jacqueline Gillespie, Mila Marcelino, Val & Veomany Pen, Robyn Fort, Amanda Williams, Eric & Carol Mosca, Amanda Fulkerson, Kirsten Searer, Chris Squatritto, Maria Correa, Richard Applegarth, Robbie Espinosa, Kim Mikelson, Ms. Ring, Goldfarb ES teachers & holiday party attendants!
For equitable opportunity,
Erica V. Mosca
Founder & Executive Director
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