How 'cleaning' your body will help you prevent disease and lose weight
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Dear Friends and Clients,

At a recent BBQ, a person I had just met said to me…Oh…you’re a nutritionist! They said, "I had McDonalds last night ….I sneak the odd freddo frog and diet coke…and I love a teaspoon of sugar in my tea……you are really going to want to see me!"
I was feeling a bit mischievous….so I said…no….but I really want to see you if you eat tuna or salmon…spinach or apples…..or if you have worked as painter…plumber, mechanic or farmer…drink  water from plastic bottles and use conventional makeup and cleaning products in your home!
The reason that many patients can’t lose weight, lower blood sugars/cholesterol and are ill is because of the nasties in our food, water, home and air.
It will impact on food intolerances, cancer, heart disease, autoimmune conditions, fertility and dementia/brain disease.
These nasties include heavy metals in fish, plastics in our containers and chemicals in our personal-care products.

Observations from Anthony

Over the past few years I have been noticing a pattern in many of my patients: 
  • Can’t lose those extra kilos no matter what they do/how hard they exercise
  • Can't reduce high blood sugar/cholesterol readings
  • Many autoimmune/inflammatory conditions like Hashimoto’s Disease/under-active thyroid, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Inflammatory Bowel Disease
  • Having trouble getting and staying pregnant
  • Are being diagnosed with early-onset dementia, multiple sclerosis, ADHD
  • Breast and prostate cancers or a ‘rare form or cancer’
  • Poor digestion-constipation, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and a huge amount of food intolerances


44 gallon drumsMany of my patients are up to the brim with toxins like plastics (especially bisphenol A), phthalates and parabens (from cosmetics / body care products), mercury from tuna and fillings and lead from work / soil / air exposure.
If these toxins are present-they must be removed or a return to good health is difficult.
The best analogy is thinking of yourself as a 44-gallon drum filled with gunk. My job is to turn on the barrel’s tap and empty out that gunk to improve health.


By pulling some big name foods out of your diet (like salmon/tuna, non-organic spinach apples etc), get some specific foods in; making some lifestyle changes like changing some specific personal products, cleaning products and making some simple lifestyle changes.

A few changes can go a long way to improve your health!

Testing is another way of detecting heavy metals and toxins in the blood. I usually reserve these for my patients why are significantly unwell or who really want to get to the bottom of their illness.

Take our quiz!

This is a quick survey of 31 questions Anthony has created for you to check your health and potential level of toxins in your body. All answers are kept confidential and if you submit the form you will be entered into into a competition to win the brilliant cookbook: ‘Gluten Free Grain Free’ by local chef Tania Hubbard (Value $40).
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iced green teaIce Cold Green Tea Recipe

Green tea is one of the best detoxifiers - it actually helps increase bile flow.

So it's the perfect way for the body to squirt bile (which may be laden with fat-soluble toxins) into the intestines. It's then bound in fibre in the stool and moved out of the body (fibre is the key that I will chat about in my next newsletter).
Many of my patients tell me they just can’t do green tea. Well, I have the perfect summer-solution.


Organic green leaf tea (Planet Organic do a nice blend)
Large glass of ice
Teapot (ceramic or stainless steel but not plastic) 

Steep one teaspoon with very hot water in a one-cup teapot for a minimum of 10 minutes (increase per teaspoon depending on how many cups your teapot holds) 
Pour over ice/lemon wedges or a few sprigs of mint. 
You can refill the pot two or three times until water is clear-or simply add another teaspoon of green tea. 
Experiment with the strength of your tea. If too strong, just cut down the amount of tea. If you still find it too strong, either reduce the steeping time, add some water to your glass or add a little more lemon or mint.

The caffeine content is very low, but just experiment with strength. You can have as many cups as you want-some of may patients make big jugs of it and it keeps for days in the fridge.
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