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By Denise Slattery, Board Member at Large

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BYOC stickerRecycling Advocates' Bring Your Own Cup campaign continues to grow and that means we've got to keep all our campaign supplies stocked up. But we need your help!  For $50 you can 'Adopt a Shop'  and help make sure these supplies are kept in stock year-round. 

Every shop supporting BYOC can choose from a bundle of campaign materials to use and display in-store. This includes stickers, window clings, pins, bookmarks, cash register signage, and laminated info cards for baristas. These materials are sourced locally but printing is an ongoing expense. Shops only take what they need and we're careful about 'wasting' these materials. 

Your $50 contribution to the BYOC campaign will help to keep the costs of managing the campaign sustainable for our organization. You'll receive special acknowledgment as a BYOC campaign sponsor, one of our stylin' stainless travel mugs (if you'd like one), and our sincere gratitude! Thank you!   
P.S. This is a great time of year to think about end-of-year giving!   
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Recycling Forum at Woodstock New Seasons
By Donna Lomnicki, RA Volunteer
New SeasonsI attended the first, of many, Recycling Forums at New Seasons Market on 45th and Woodstock.  The new forum is the brain child of Estelle Morley, Assistant Operations Manager
The idea of this forum surfaced with the announcement from China that they are drastically reducing the acceptable amount of contamination in the scrap plastic that is shipped there.  Thus, local collectors have halted the collection for shipments and consequently the collection of plastic at New Seasons has been eliminated until further notice.

Master Recyclers came out all three WE days to help inform the public, and employees, about big changes in recycling and how big a role they all play.  Estelle and the Master Recyclers provided extra context and resources around how to recycle and how not the be a “Wishful Recycler”.  

On Sunday, in addition to a Master Recycler, we also had Jenica Barrett  join us to share her Zero Waste Wisdom as a complement to the diligence we were doing around reminding folks about the importance of  “Quality Recycling” in their curbside bins.  
Credit to Estelle Morley for photos and quotes
Material Recovery and Conversion Technology Facilities - Metro’s Proposed Rules
By Betty Patton, Past President

MetroMetro has proposed a set of administrative rules for the siting, operation, and record keeping of material recovery and conversion technology facilities. The window of opportunity for public comment is open through December 4th.

The following link connects to the proposed rules and comment opportunity: Metro Proposed Rules  

These proposed rules were created, reviewed and edited with extensive input from a task force convened specifically for that purpose. Members of the task force included local, regional and state government solid waste regulators, haulers, material recovery facility representatives, processors, conversion technology representatives, citizens, and non-profits.

Recycling Advocates was represented on that task force by past president Betty Patton.
Coffee Cup News from the UK

A tax on disposable coffee cups is to be considered by the UK government, in an effort to reduce the 2.5 billion of them thrown away each year.

Union JackEnvironment Minister Thérèse Coffey said that she was open to the idea, telling the Commons environmental audit committee that a working group of experts from waste companies, retailers and government would consider the benefits of a charge. 

A 5p charge on coffee cups was first proposed by the Liberal Democrats after it emerged last year that only one in 400 was being recycled. Most paper recycling facilities reject cups because of the difficulty of separating the plastic inner lining from the paper.

In trials, the number of drinks served in reusable cups increased by more than 12 per cent when people were charged 25p for a disposable cup. In contrast, reusable cup use remained virtually unchanged when a similar discount was offered. 

Read more on this story: 
Do Just One Thing: Be an Informed Recycler
By Holly Hummel, RA Treasurer

The recycling world is in turmoil over the changes prompted by China’s unwillingness to import what we call recycling and what they call trash. Many of us are what you might call “wishful” recyclers. As long as it went in the recycling, we felt like we were doing our part.

Curbside BinsThe staggering statistic quoted by Steve Law of the Portland Tribune on October 26, 2017 is that 8.9% of what homeowners put in their recycling is trash and 21% of what apartment dwellers put in their recycling is in actuality trash.

I heard on OPB's Think Out Loud segment "Wishful Recycling in Oregon" that thousands of pounds of dirty diapers have to be hand sorted out of the recycling. Also, hand sorted out are used syringes, dog poop bags, rotten food, you name it. So, the upshot of all this is that we are contaminating our recycling with trash which the Chinese don’t want, and really, who would?

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