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2014 End of Year Report and Appeal

Dear <<First Name>>, 

Another successful for year for Recycling Advocates is coming to a close.  It is heartening to realize that for 28 years, our voice has been getting stronger, our resolve has gained momentum and our influence can be more keenly seen and felt.  Thanks to our tireless volunteers and our generous constituents we can point to real changes that we are making to our environment, everywhere.
Recycling Advocates has been instrumental in helping bring about so many substantial and significant changes.  Among our largest and most visible accomplishments were the expansion of Oregon’s bottle bill and our ability to galvanize and collaborate with other agencies to help the City of Portland ban retailers from using free single-use plastic bags.  Simultaneously we campaigned to eliminate toxic and damaging polystyrene (e.g., Styrofoam) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) packaging.  How wonderful is it that the Recycling Advocates community has tackled these giant societal traditions and we have been able to slay the dragons!
These successes are what propel RA in new and more ambitious directions.  Please help us keep up this important momentum: your financial donations make it possible for RA to take critical next steps in waste reduction education and outreach.  Only through continued capital growth can we accomplish the variety of activities that come together to produce permanent and positive changes. 
This coming year your contributions will help us with our new and continued campaigns. We will continue our many faceted program to introduce and promote waste prevention by food cart customers.  When it comes to the food carts, the world is watching us.  How great it will be if we can harness the attention that is already on Portland, and cause local, regional, and even national improvements to the food cart industry’s corollary problem of direct and indirect waste!
Thank you so much for your past contributions, for your passion and your willingness to help RA.  Please don’t let your enthusiasm fade: your investment today helps make the earth healthier tomorrow and all the next days after.
Thank you for believing in us.
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