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December  2019 |

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A Message from Board President, Brion Hurley
New Board Members
New Campaigns for 2020
Recap of Our Annual Meeting 
Topics of Interest
Plastic Roads Initiative  


A Message From Brion Hurley, RA Board President 

Happy Holidays!  As we wrap up the year, we want to share some exciting news!

We have added six new board members to our organization, and may be adding a couple more in the next month or two. 

This was a major goal as we entered into our annual meeting in September, and the response we received from the community was very inspiring!

We also asked for input to help define our direction going into 2020.

The new board members are committed to helping us launch 3 new campaigns that will help re-purpose materials and encourage and educate community members on reuse and reduction initiatives. 

Read below to learn about our wonderful new board members, and learn about our new campaigns!
Welcome to New RA Board Members!

Scott Rosin
Michael Freudenthal
Tara Knierim - Secretary
Brittney Wendall
Evelyn Ferreira
Alina Labek

These new members bring much needed new energy and expanded ideas to Recycling Advocates. 

Here's more:
New Campaigns for 2020!

We want to thank everyone who provided feedback to us about our new direction

The new board members discussed the feedback, and also brought some of their passions to the table, to help us narrow down our list. The goal is to stay within our mission of being a voice for citizens, with a focus on recycling, reduction and reuse.

We have identified 3 new campaigns for the upcoming year!

New Campaigns
  • Plastic UpCycling - Lead by Scott Rosin 
  • Zero Waste - Lead By Brittney Wendell and Evelyn Ferreira
  • Statewide Outreach - Lead by Roberta Sommer
Existing Campaign If you'd like to get involved with one of these campaigns as a team member or part-time volunteer, then contact one of the leads of that campaign from our Board page or the specific Campaign page listed above.

Visit our Campaigns page to find the latest about each initiative.

RECAP! Our very well-attended Annual Meeting!

In September we had a great gathering at Floyd's Old Town Coffee Shop and had very supportive attendance of over 50 people!   Thank you for all who joined us! 

As a result of that awesome turnout, we were able to recruit new members who donated, as well as new board members!  THANKS TO ALL! 

We also had three guest speakers who talked about their experiences in the arena of reuse and reduction of waste.  If you did not attend you can view the video of our speakers here. We want to give a shout out and thanks to these female-led enterprises that are truly making a difference!

Here We Go Again - Chris Gauger
Go Box - Jocelyn Gaudi Quarrell
Repair PDX - Lauren Gross

We also heard about Plastic Upcycling efforts on the Oregon coast, and the Recycling Receipt

PS. If you know of an enterprise that deserves a spotlight for their work in reducing waste in our region, please forward your thoughts to so we can share amongst readers of this newsletter!  Thanks!

Topics of interest:

Learn how one coffee shop is moving away from disposable cups by 2020:

Latest episodes of the Talking Trash podcast:

  • Kristin Leichner and Gregg Hayward from Association of Oregon Recyclers (AOR)
  • Dylan de Thomas with Recycling Partnership
  • Erin Anderson and Kama Simonds from Portland International Airport
  • Wing Grabowski with Fix It Fairs
  • Ivy Chuang from Blendily
  • Lori Gates, Roberta Sommer and Cecelia Warner with Westside Master Recyclers
Click the link above to check out all the episodes (including Episode 6 with Recycling Advocates)

In 2019, DEQ invested nearly $600,000 across 17 projects. A full list of the recently funded DEQ projects can be found at:

Here's a national webinar from E2 that we would like to share, called "Business of Recycling".

Here is a link to info about a BYOB water bottle initiative that Alaska Airlines is rolling out

This is info about what Marriott Hotels is doing to cut single-use toiletries to save 500 million plastic bottles per year.

PS - if you have Topics of Interest you want to share with links, please forward to info@recyclingadvocates and we will share with readers on this newsletter Thank you!


An Introduction to Plastic Roads
by Scott Rosin, RA Board Member-At-Large

The route to joining RA has been circuitous and somewhat unexpected, and similar to the creation of Plastics Up-Cycling, a fledgling organization created by Katharine Valentino and myself within the last few months. We served for almost a year as Chair and Co-Chair of the Newport Chapter of Surfrider Foundation, motivated to address the current growing dire plastic pollution problem. After considerable research and identifying one large-scale solution to be the incorporation of most types of plastic into asphalt paving, we quickly found that the sequence of steps necessary to accomplish diverting most forms of this waste would entail much more than simply encouraging waste management companies to collect and shred it, and asphalt companies to add it to the mix.

We had discovered an existing company in Scotland that created a proprietary catalyst or “activator” that chemically binds the molecules of waste plastic and bitumen into a combination that obviates the problem of the plastic leaching into the ground. A mile of road utilizes the equivalent of 1.1 million plastic bottles and would lessen the pressure on landfills considerably. The company, Macrebur Plastic Roads has been involved in paving projects around the world since 2003. The material results in roads that fracture less and last longer than conventional asphalt pavement. Trials in the USA are currently ongoing at sites in New Jersey, Georgia, North Carolina, and California.

We soon discovered that the Surfrider Foundation would not sponsor any plastic pollution effort other than those involving source reduction. And also for ODOT to allow this substance to be utilized it would have to be tested by an independent lab at a cost of about $70,000-$100,000. The good news was that such a lab exists at Oregon State University and agreed to run the tests if we could raise the money. More good news was that the DEQ had materials grants available in the amount of $600,000. Katharine and I resigned from Surfrider Foundation and began searching for a 501c3 that would sponsor our project, one of many requirements. We found Recycling Advocates and I committed to serving on the board of directors. The grant application was due at the DEQ on October 4, and we managed to submit it on October 3.

Unfortunately, we were not one of the grant awardees this year. But we have other opportunities for grants and fundraising to pursue.

In the meantime, I look forward to meeting and working with the membership of Recycling Advocates. To learn more about Plastic Up-Cycling, visit the website Katharine has created at or the Facebook Page:

Alexander Scott Rosin
Recycling Advocates Board Member | Plastic Up-Cycling Co-Lead | | 
Give and get back!
If you follow what Recycling Advocates has contributed over the years (decades) we welcome your monetary contribution to keep our efforts underway.  To be a voting member we ask an annual contribution of $50.  Voting allows you to vote in members to the board at our annual meeting and weigh in on important programs that require resources.   Please consider this level of participation.  Of course, we welcome any level of financial support to the RA mission.  Please scroll on below to add you end-of-the-year-contribution now.  THANK YOU!  

Become a member of Recycling Advocates and help us continue to spread the word about waste prevention.  

Ways to Contribute:

  • By Mail: print and complete our Membership Form, mail it with your check to PO Box 6736, Portland, OR 97228-6736.
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Membership Levels 
Advocate $25 - Friend $50 - Supporter $100 - Sustainer $250
Gifts of any amount gratefully received.

Join at "Friend" level or above to be eligible to receive a Recycling Advocates/Rooster reusable coffee cup.

We thank you for your passion, support and commitment to protecting Oregon’s environment! 
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