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Engaging people in creating a sustainable future through local efforts to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Join us for Recycling Advocates' Annual Meeting on Wednesday September 14th at 7pm, at the Sierra Club. The event is free and open to everyone. 
The program will include 
  • "Bring Your Own Cup" Campaign Overview:
    • BYOCHelp us put a dent in the huge number of non-recyclable disposable cups used and tossed in the garbage every day.
    • Starbucks alone estimates that it serves over 8 MILLION disposable cups every MINUTE!  
    • Customer focus: how can we persuade people to carry their own cup?
    • Coffee shop focus: how do we encourage coffee shops to promote reusable cups?
    • We'll share ideas and brainstorm strategies for changing behavior. 
  • Meet our board members. 
  • Meet and mingle with other Recycling Advocates members, Master Recyclers and friends.
  • Beer, wine and snacks provided. 
What: Recycling Advocates Annual Meeting 2016
When: Wednesday September 14th, doors open at 6:30pm, program begins at 7:00pm
Where: Sierra Club, 1821 SE Ankeny St, Portland, OR 97214
Who: YOU! 

How Much? FREE! Just RSVP! Email us at or call 503-777-0909. We'd love to see you there!   
Annual Meeting

Stand: Better Cup Campaign
From Campaign Coordinator Brion Hurley

Here's news of another campaign targeting disposable coffee cups. This one's tackling Starbucks head-on: 

Stand launches the Starbucks Better Cup Campaign to demand that the coffee giant stop destroying forests. Starbucks serves four billion disposable coffee cups each year -- that’s 1.6 million trees logged for cups that are used once and thrown away. Yes, straight to the landfill. Mostly, the cups can’t be recycled. That’s a mountain of trash and Starbucks knows all those clearcut trees for their cups end up in the landfill. 
In 2008, Starbucks promised that by 2015 it would use only 100% recycled and recyclable cups, and serve 25% of its drinks in reusable mugs. However, only 1-2% are recycled today, and the progress has stalled.
Check out the Supermermaid vs Starbucks Monster comic book, and learn more about the campaign at 

7 Things to Keep OUT of Your Recycling Bin
By Betty Patton, Recycling Advocates President

Successful recycling needs knowledgeable recyclers, so it is our responsibility to put the right things in the bin and keep all the wrong things out. Metro’s Home and Garbage News Weekly posted this article on the 7 things to keep OUT of our recycling bins. It never hurts to get a reminder! 
Number 5 on the list is - you guessed it - disposable coffee cups. They're made with plastic so they don't dissolve when they're filled with hot coffee, and that plastic contaminates the mixture if it goes to the mill for recycled paper-making. 
Pickathon 2016: a "No Single Use" Event
By guest contributor Ruby Bauske

PickathonI was blown away by the commitment to reuse-reduce-recycle personified by the Pickathon music festival and its participants.

I attend many music festivals.  Hearing great bands in the outdoors provides an incredible amount of joy in my life.  Unfortunately, many of these events also provide an incredible amount of trash.

For example, I’ve attended the Oregon Country Fair near Eugene for over 30 years.  I’ve seen the Fair’s recycling consciousness grow over the years,  Where once I saw lawn chairs and old sofas left to molder in recycling stations, now I see “Waste Warriors” volunteers at recycling kiosks educating the public on how to recycle their trash.  Also, the Fair provides metal forks for food booths.  The Fair collects the forks, cleans them, and delivers them to the booths daily.  However, food booths use single-use plates and cups.  Although the cups and plates are compostable, this waste must be processed and sent to a disposal facility.

On the other hand, Pickathon has a very clear ethic about trash:  don’t create it in the first place.  Single-use plates, forks, and cups are not permitted. 

To eat at a food booth, you first buy a $10 token.  At the food booth, you exchange your token for a durable plastic bowl and bamboo spoon/fork utensil.  When you finish your meal, you exchange the bowl and spoon/fork at a dishwashing booth for another token.  And the process starts again.

Overnight, crews of diligent volunteers wash the dishes and deliver bowls and spoon/forks to the food booths in the morning.

At the end of the festival, you keep your final bowl and spoon/fork.  They are prized souvenirs.

The similar process works for cups.  No matter what you’re drinking: beer, wine, coffee, juice, etc., beverages are dispensed only in metal cups that participants purchase for $6.
No single-use cups and plates means no huge barrels of trash on the festival grounds.
I was enchanted by Pickathon, and living their environmental ethic was life-changing.  I keep my Pickathon cup with me and I USE it!   
Do Just One Thing
By Holly Hummel, Recycling Advocates Treasurer. 

Choose to ReuseStash an extra reusable coffee cup in your desk, your car, your day pack etc. so you can be sure you have one handy when you need it! It might not seem like a big deal to use a disposable cup once in a while when you forget your travel mug, but the numbers quickly add up. 

We make choices every day. Please choose a refillable coffee mug and make a difference. Don't have a reusable mug, or need an extra? Consider joining Recycling Advocates at the "Friend" ($50) level and we will send you one of ours! 
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