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Message From New RA President, Brittney Wendell 
Introducing RA's Newest Board Members
Campaign Update - BYOC Has Expanded to BYO
Ask RA!
Oregon Right to Repair Legislation 2021
Modernizing Oregon Recycling - Senate Bill 582-1
Oregon Zero Waste 2021 Conference Update
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Message From New RA President, Brittney Wendell 

Hello RA Community!

I hope you are staying safe and healthy as we approach the one year mark of COVID-19 restrictions in Oregon. It's been a big year. 

Before introducing myself, I have to acknowledge and applaud Brion Hurley, our former President, for his excellent leadership and guidance of RA. With his recent move to the Midwest, he will be greatly missed by the board and RA community. Lucky for the board, we still get to see him at our virtual meetings. 

In November 2019, I joined Recycling Advocates with an excitement for community building around zero waste and reducing waste at the source. When the pandemic hit just a few months later, RA migrated to virtual meetings and many of our project plans and ideas shifted. 

Despite this hurdle, we have many exciting ideas taking shape and are working to update RA's vision and strategic planning for the future of our organization. 

In the year ahead, I'm looking forward to continuing to work alongside our stellar board. Each member is talented, energized, and passionate and contributes so much to the team. I look forward to continuing to integrate intersectional environmentalism and racial justice into every meeting and project plan. I look forward to supporting more regular webinars and events and pursuing new projects to expand our reach.

If you've been involved with RA for a number of years, I would love to connect and hear from you. Please reach out:

- Brittney Wendell, RA President 
Introducing RA's Newest Board Members
Recycling Advocates is very excited to introduce our newest board members: 
  • Haley Robinson - Treasurer
  • Molly Harpel
  • Jessica Zahn
  • Mikey Strauhal 
These members join the existing team:
  • Brittney Wendell - President
  • Tara Knierim - Vice President
  • Michael Freudenthal - Secretary
  • Evelyn Amara - Zero Waste Campaign Lead
  • Alaina Labak - Plastic Upcycling Campaign Lead

Read more about each new member and find contact information on our website
Campaign Update: BYOC Has Expanded to BYO

We’re expanding our BYOC campaign! Instead of focusing only on coffee cups, we are renaming the campaign to “BYO” to cover more items that you can bring with you in order to prevent waste.

Visit our new BYO webpage where we give tips on bringing your own:
  • Dishware
  • Cups & mugs
  • Jars & containers
  • Bags
  • Growlers
  • Water bottles
  • Silverware & cutlery
  • Napkins
  • Straws
  • And more!
Ask RA!

We've added a new feature to our website called Ask RA!

Here you will find our responses to some of the questions we receive. The first post is a response from RA to a high school student seeking help on how to encourage their school to increase recycling efforts. 

Oregon Right to Repair Legislation 2021

E-waste is the fastest growing waste stream in the world. Researchers estimate that e-waste is made up of 20% plastic, which is difficult to recycle. In Oregon, we discard approximately 4,800 cell phones every day. When we can’t fix our electronics, we have to buy new things, which is costly and wasteful. Estimates suggest that fixing household electronics and appliances instead of buying new ones could save Oregon households $544 million each year and would help mitigate climate change, reduce waste and toxicity, and limit the demand for natural resources.
For these reasons, Recycling Advocates is supporting HB 2698 “Right to Repair” legislation in Salem which would give consumers and repair shops what they need to repair our devices.
You can learn more about Right to Repair here. If you're interested in taking action, this form will help you send a quick message to your legislators letting them know that the right to repair your personal electronics and appliances is important to you!

Modernizing Oregon Recycling - Senate Bill 582-1 

Oregon’s recycling system was created decades ago and was not built for the materials we put in the recycling bins today. The system is outdated and needs an overhaul.

Senate Bill 582-1 includes the following key elements to modernize Oregon's recycling system:

  • A statewide list of approved recyclable materials.
  • A focus on responsible recycling.
  • Makes producers a key partner in Oregon's recycling system.
  • Advances social and environmental equity in recycling.
Check out this 2-page fact sheet from Oregon DEQ for additional details. 
Zero Waste 2021 Conference Update  

Plans are currently underway for Oregon's second Zero Waste Conference. We are working to create a 2-day virtual event. If you would like to help with the event, contact Brittney Wendell and Evelyn Ferreira or complete our volunteer form.

Thank you!
Recycling Advocates Zero-Waste Committee
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Supporting BottleDrop Can Also Support RA

Recycling Advocates is one of the dozens of non-profits and charities that you can allocate your Bottle Drop funds towards. You can do this by simply logging into your account and clicking the Give tab. 

We also have BLUE bags pre-tagged with the Recycling Advocates account number if you are planning a collection or drive. Please contact us at info@recyclingadvocates to obtain those. We appreciate your donation to help keep our campaign going! Visit Bottle Drop Give HERE

Read more here. 

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