Need something repaired? Take it to the Fix-it Fair! Saturday, 2/29. Read on for more details!

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February 2020 |

Engaging people in creating a sustainable future through local efforts to reduce, reuse and recycle.


Message from Board President, Brion Hurley
Attend the Fix-It Fair on Saturday, 2/29
Green Business Resources
Plastic Upcycling and Plastic Roads Initiative Update
Overlooked Funding Options For RA! 
 BYOC Campaign: News From Other Places 
Message From Brion Hurley, RA Board President 

Hello Everyone!
As our new campaigns become more formalized, the excitement during our recent board meetings has been so motivating! 
Each of our new campaigns are at different levels of maturity, so make sure you read these monthly newsletter updates for the latest updates, along with requests to get more involved. You can also learn more about our latest campaigns at

If you know someone who might be interested in any RA activities, please share our website with them!  Thank you!  

Fix-It Fairs and RepairPDX are So Cool!  by RA Community Resource Manager, Denise Slattery

If you have not been to a Fix-It Fair yet this year then, by all means, please go on Saturday, February 29 at Floyd Light Middle School from 9:30 to 2:30 pm.  Fix-it Fairs are FREE City of Portland neighborhood events held once per month in Nov., Jan., and February. At the Fix-It Fair, you can connect with experts from all over the region to learn simple ways to save money, from energy-saving programs, to how to grow food in your own backyard, to very smart tools on how to stay healthy all year long.  There are so many wonderful people tabling this event!  Free workshops, lots of free information, free lunch and childcare too!  It's amazing. And of course, please stop by the Recycling Advocates table and pick up RA news and info from two board members who will be on hand that day - Alaina Labak and Michael Fredenthal.  For more information and directions to the next Fix-it Fair please go HERE

Attached to the Fix-it Fair, and in the same location, is the amazing Repair Cafe event, run by RepairPDX.  It's brilliant to have this resource available to anyone that needs something fixed!  Bring your clothing or textiles for mending, bikes, small appliances, and more for repair.  The very smart repair volunteers will be happy to take on your repair and walk you through how it's done...all FREE of charge!  I have been volunteering for Repair Cafe's for a while now, as a sewist, and I will tell you that this is the most rewarding work I have done as a Master Recycler!  The Repair Cafe event hours are shorter than the Fix-It Fair so take note of that: 10:00 am to 1:00 pm.  For more information about RepairPDX, please go HERE
Supporting Green Businesses in Portland Metro - by Brittney Wendell, RA Board Member-at-Large 
Are the businesses you frequent sustainable? Is your auto mechanic reducing waste and using the safest chemicals possible? How about your landscaper, or your laundromat, or favorite café?

As consumers, it’s often difficult to determine how sustainable a business is without asking numerous questions (cue Portlandia episode: “Did this chicken on your menu have a lot of chicken friends?”).  As thoughtful consumers, our research is made easier by looking for businesses and products that are certified through reputable third parties. The following links are a handful of certifications that have already asked the important questions for us. Click for info.  

EcoBiz Certification for automotive businesses and landscapers in Oregon.
City of Portland Sustainability at Work
City of Gresham Green Business Program
Washington County Green Business Leaders
Clackamas County Leaders in Sustainability

Here’s a Really Easy Funding Option For RA That You Might Have Overlooked!

Let's not leave good fundraising $$ on the table when you shop!  If you shop at Fred Meyer or Amazon you can select Recycling Advocates as the beneficiary of their corporate giving programs.  It might seem incremental - but it really adds up for us!  If we can increase the number of households who shop at Fred Meyer and select RA by even 50% that could provide an additional $50 a month to our organization.  Take a minute and get on board with this.  If you are already allocating your Freddie, Amazon, or GoodSearch contributions elsewhere - no worries! We are simply glad these programs are being tapped by our supporters either way.  We probably sound like a broken record on this one...but we do thank you for your efforts!  
Fred Meyer Community Rewards Program
Amazon Smile Rewards Program 
GoodSearch & GoodShop Program

Plastic Roads Is Fundraising!  
Plastic Roads recently announced an important fundraising campaign and needs your donations!   Katharine Valentino,  RA member and Co-Founder of Plastic UpCycing Oregon, answers questions:  

Who's behind this grassroots effort?
We are Plastic Up-Cycling Oregon, an organization founded by a small group of people who saw a need to minimize plastic waste through local projects. We enlisted the support of Recycling Advocates, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and are working together with Recycling Advocates to bring non-leaching roads with plastic content to Oregon.

What is the goal of the campaign?
The goal is to raise the funds necessary for the required independent laboratory testing of the plastic road materials used by MacRebur, the preferred vendor who will lay the road.  

Who paves the roads?
ODOT does not itself pave roads. ODOT contracts with asphalt producers/road builders. 

Why is testing required? 
ODOT mandates testing for roads it is responsible for. Successful test results would seem to be inevitable since plastic roads have proved to be successful in Australia, Bahrain, Canada, Indonesia, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Slovakia, Switzerland, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and trial roads in several states in the U.S.

Why are you doing this; why isn’t someone else?
Each state has different rules for road-building standards, and since we are in dire need of a viable and local solution to our plastic problem, we are doing our part to pave the way for this more environmentally friendly road-building process.  Making people aware of how we can end the plastic waste stream in Oregon is something we are passionate about. 

What's next? 
We are also working to get a pilot project going. Private-access roads, for example, can be built and repaired without ODOT involvement, and our next to-do item is to identify a project for a pilot. MacRebur's U.S. rep has agreed to work with whoever wants to build or repair such a road or even a driveway.  

I want to read more.  Where can I get info?
Plastic Roads Oregon
MacRebur - The Plastic Road Company

Questions? Please email the Plastic Roads team at 
Bring Your Own Cup Campaign: And Now For News From Other Places....
People all over the world are finding ways to rid themselves of the single-use cup habit and now coffee drinkers in Germany have coffee grounds to help them out.  Here's a piece of news about an innovative designer in Berlin who found a way to press coffee grounds into reusable coffee cups!  Enjoy this read - perhaps over a cup of coffee? 

The Kaffeeform Story 


Do you have news about people, either local or from other places, who are making innovations to reduce the use of single containers in their communities?  Share your story at and we will share it in a newsletter!  

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