Brush Pick-Up Oct. 8, Halloween Party Oct. 26. Fun new contests. Crime & Safety updates. Exciting beautification project! Open BMHNA positions. How to access the membership directory. 
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Happy fall! The most beautiful season in Nashville got off to a great start in the Highlands with Outdoor Movie Night back in September--thank you to the Porters on Alton for hosting! Also in September, we held our BMHNA Annual Membership Meeting with updates on the work of the Board, our committees, and a presentation by Metro Police.

Sergeant Linn reported that the primary complaint from our neighborhood (and all neighborhoods) is speeding, and radar patrols have shown that offenders are very often people living in the neighborhood. October is Walk Nashville Month and in an ongoing effort to make our community safer for walking (and running and biking), BMHNA is encouraging ALL neighbors to Drive 25mph at all times. In the absence of sidewalks, walkers and drivers and cyclists must share our streets. To keep your fellow neighbors safe, please slow down. Contact if you would like to join BMHNA's Traffic Calming/Bike/Ped.Committee.

Beautification Committee leaders Rob Harrington and Noni Neilsen have been hard at work on a neighborhood identity project for the Highlands, and Social Committee Chairs Louisa Altman and Jill Porter are making plans for the annual Halloween Party on Sunday, October 26th. The Halloween season promises to be extra spooktacular this year with some new twists from both these committees: a group costume contest and and exterior house decorations contest.

As of this week, BMHNA has 161 member households. What a great and growing group of neighbors! Thank you for your participation, and never hesitate to contact me with your questions or suggestions for the neighborhood. It is a pleasure to serve you and to live in the Highlands!

With best wishes, Angie Emery Henderson, President BMHNA
BMHNA Facebook Group
BMHNA Facebook Group
BMHNA Website
BMHNA Website
OCTOBER WEEKENDS thru Oct. 26, Cheekwood Harvest. Details at this link.

OCTOBER 8, 7:45 - 9:00 am: Mayoral Candidate Coffee on Walkability, a Walk Nashville Month event. Come hear all five declared candidates for mayor in a panel discussion about making Nashville's neighborhoods (the Highlands included) more safely walkable. Hosted by Walk/Bike Nashville at Ruby, 2411 Blakemore Ave.

OCTOBER 8: Metro Curbside Brush Collection. Get your brush and paper bagged leaves to the curb by the 7th to ensure pick-up. Do not place brush near signs, mailboxes, light poles or fences, or under tree limbs. More details below. Next brush and leaf collection will be December 29th.

OCTOBER 15 - 30: Early Voting at Belle Meade City Hall and Green Hills Library for the Nov. 4th General Midterm Election. Schedule at this link.

OCTOBER 26, 3:00 - 5:00 pm: Highlands Halloween Party on Gilman Ave. All ages event. DJ Louis Lee. Group Costume Contest. See below for contest details.  Paperless Post Invitation from BMHNA Social Committee coming soon. Please reply.

NOVEMBER 1, 11:00 am - 5:00 pm: El Dia de los Muertos. One of Cheekwood's biggest events of the year--food trucks, music, activities. Details at this link.

NOVEMBER 4: Election Day. State & Federal General Election. You must vote at our neighborhood's designated precinct at the Gordon Jewish Community Center, 801 Percy Warner Boulevard, if you vote on this day.

NOVEMBER 16 at 6:30 pm: BMHNA Book Club. The Club is currently reading Flight Behavior by Barbara Kingsolver. If you would like to be added to the Book Club e-mail list, please contact Stephanie Rishel at .  

NOVEMBER 27 at 8:00 am: Thanksgiving & the Boulevard Bolt. Online registration October 1 through November 21 at this link. $35 by Nov. 21 and $45 thereafter. Be advised Belle Meade Boulevard will be closed that morning.

FALL LEAVES. BAGGING, MULCH MOWING & COMPOSTING. Wondering what to do with all those leaves in your yard? If you choose to bag your leaves, they must be in paper yard-waste bags to be picked up by Metro. That said, the next pick-up won't be till December 29th, so if you'd rather not look at those bags all fall and during the holiday season, and your lawn service will not take them away for you, consider mulch mowing.

Begin the process as your leaves begin to fall. You can mow the leaves with a standard side-discharge mower; or even better, most lawn mowers allow the side-discharge port to be closed so that the mower functions as a mulcher. Mulch-mowing works best when the grass and leaves are dry. Set your mower to the highest setting and just mow as usual (or have your yard service do this). Once the leaf bits settle in, microbes and worms get to work recycling them. Mulched leaves are free organic material that invigorates your soil's food web. Your lawn will thank you!

DON'T LET IVY STRANGLE TREES. Last year, BMHNA launched an ivy awareness effort along Page Rd. and offered residents with ivy choked trees information and assistance for ivy removal. Special thanks to those neighbors taking action so we may all continue to enjoy Page Road's beautiful tree canopy. If you or a neighbor on any street have ivy reaching into a tree's upper branches, act soon by reading or sharing this information:  For questions about ivy abatement or to request volunteer assistance with your trees, please contact Committee Chair Rob Harrington at

LITTER. YOUR HELP NEEDED. If you see litter, please pick it up! Single items tend to accumulate along the rock wall and ditches on Page Rd., at the intersection of West Tyne & Page and at the intersection of all our neighborhood streets with Highway 100. Because litter quickly begets more litter, we are grateful when caring individuals step up and help! P.S. It appears our neighborhood paper delivery man has finally seen the error of his littering ways! 
STREET SIGN PROJECT. For the past several months, the Beautification Committee has been looking at ways to enhance the identity of our neighborhood. Neighborhoods often establish a sense of arrival and identity with gateway signage, distinct street signs, or planting a particular type of tree at key points.

Because we have ten entry points into the neighborhood, none of which have common land or significant space, gateway signage was determined to be infeasible. Our neighborhood currently has 43 street signs, thus powder-coated metal street signs, like those in Forrest Hills, for example, which cost around $750 each would come to a total of $32,000. This was determined to be cost prohibitive without a separate fundraising effort. Further, once those type signs were installed, our association would forever be responsible for maintaining the signs and replacing them if damaged.

Sign toppers similar to the ones in the picture above were determined by the Board to be the best choice for this project. They can be easily afforded using a portion of BMHNA reserve funds, which have been building over the years with increasing membership numbers and responsible spending and stewardship of your dues. The cost for the materials, fabrication and installation of 43 street sign toppers will be about $4,000, which still leaves a healthy amount of reserve.

Lastly, applying a decorative identity element to the top of Metro street signs, means that Metro will continue to maintain, repair and replace the street signs as needed.  The project committee will soon move to the next phase of choosing wording, font and colors for the sign toppers. If you are interested in serving on the committee for this project, please contact Beautification Committee Chair Rob Harrington at .
These folks are a voice for your street to the BMHNA Board, and they kindly distribute our annual membership flyers (and this year, our No Soliciting stickers!) Questions or suggestions specifically related to your street? Contact your street reps. Interested in serving as a rep for your street? Please Contact

Alton - OPEN (rep or reps needed, please contact if you are interested)
Belle Park/Forrest Park - Stephanie & Derek Edwards,,
Brookfield - Drew Hart,
Cheek - Micah Ligon,
Clydelan (off Page) - Joanna Thomson,
Gilman - Tracy Crawford,
Heady - Liza & Greg Coleman,,
Maybelle/Meadow Wood - Jo & Lyonel Gilmer,,
Clydelan (off Maybelle) - Angie & Arthur Henderson,,
Page 100 Block - Donna Littleton, & Michael Kohl,
Page 200 Block - Suzy Hansen,
Page 300/400 Block - Barbara Eubank,
Taggart Ave. - 
West Tyne/Don Allen - Valerie Roberts,
Participation from a wide range of residents, representing different streets and different ages and stages in life, people new to the neighborhood and people who lived here for decades makes our association strong. Everyone's input is needed and welcome! Please consider a leadership role with BMHNA. There are many jobs, big and small. Think you might be interested? Please contact Angie at 

Board Positions:
  • At-Large: Open now, serving through January 2016
  • Secretary: Open now, serving through January 2016. Take minutes on a laptop at quarterly meetings, weeknights in roughly Mid-January, April, late August & early November. Distribute minutes to Board and Committee Chairs via e-mail for approval and then print for BMHNA binder. If interested, Secretary position and Membership Chair duties can be combined.
  • At Large: Beginning January 2015, serving through January 2017

Committee Positions:
  • Membership Chair: beginning January 2015, manage membership renewal campaign via e-mail in February, automated forms and online dues payment greatly simplify this process. Knowledge of Excel helpful. Maintain Membership Directory in Google Docs.  85% of this role's work takes place in February and the rest of the year, there are just occasional additions to the directory. Can be combined with Board Secretary duties if desired. Bring your organization skills to this position.
  • Communications Chair: beginning asap, coordinate with the president and committee chairs to prepare content for seasonal E-News. Familiarity with Mailchimp helpful but not required, existing templates and drag and drop formatting make this an easy task. Approval privileges for BMHNA Facebook Group posts. Bring your writing, photography or graphics skills to this position.
  • Crime & Safety Chair: beginning asap, interest in community safety, serve as liaison with West Police Precinct Community Coordinator, receive report e-mails and coordinate with president to send Crime & Safety Alerts, when needed. Approval privileges for BMHNA Facebook Group. Post relevant crime prevention tips and stories to the Group.
  • Social Committee Co-Chairs: beginning January 2015, two-year term. Coordinate five social events per year (typically: Members Cocktail Party in late Feb./early March, Summer Kick-Off Block Party in May, Outdoor Movie Night in September, Halloween Party in October, & Holiday Open House in December) Create online invitations for events in Paperless Post. Approval and posting privileges in BMHNA Facebook group. Sizable committee of volunteers to help with snacks, treats and activities. Events are not set in stone, bring your creativity and/or event management skills to this position
  1. Click on the "Neighborhood Directory" link in the center of the homepage for
  2. Because the directory is a "Google Doc," A google/Gmail sign-in screen will pop up. If you already have a Google account as one of the e-mail addresses that you provided to BMHNA, you'll have immediate access.
  3. If you do not have a Google account, you can click the red "create account" button to sign up for one, if you'd like.
  4. If you do not have or want a Google account, no worries, just e-mail to request a link to the directory via e-mail

Babysitter Listing: Second tab in the Directory. Parents you may enter your teen's information.

Sorting by Street: The directory is sorted by last name, but can also be sorted by street. Simply click on the Street Name column (E), then choose "Data" form the menu bar, and then select Sort Column E, A -> Z. Be sure to return the directory to its original format before exiting. If needed, pleased coordinate street-wide e-mails via your BMHNA Street Rep.

If your contact information changes, you may edit your directory information online. Simply make your changes in the online document, and changes will be tracked by BMHNA.

We trust that everyone will respect each other's information. Please only update your own entry. You may not use this directory for commercial purposes or solicitation of business or charitable funds. Thanks very much! For questions, please contact 
GROUP COSTUME CONTEST: Halloween is not just for kids, so get in on the fun with your family and friends and vie for a prize at the BMHNA Halloween party on Oct. 26th  Family-friendly costumes please! Voting & Prizes at 4:00 pm. Must be present to win!
  • Best Duo (a couple, a person and their pet, two friends)
  • Best Family Group (any size, immediate or extended family)
  • Best 3+ Group (any combination of neighbors and friends)

EXTERIOR HOME DECORATIONS CONTEST: Make the Highlands Spectacularly Spooky this Year! Get those giant spiders, skeletons, and orange lights out, and give your neighbors a treat they can enjoy the entire Halloween season. Two award categories for 2014:
  • Kids Choice
  • Haunted Highlands
Enter your own home in the contest by e-mailing on or before October 22nd. Winners will be announced at 4:00 pm at the Highlands Halloween Party. Please come if you can, but you need not be present to win the decorations contest.

Prizes for both contests will be announced soon in the Facebook Group!

Thanks for helping to make the Highlands a fun place to live! Happy Haunting!
Crime-wise, we have been very fortunate in the Highlands this year. Even so, please remain vigilant, look out for your neighbors, and never hesitate to call Metro Police's non-emergency number 862-8600, if you see suspicious activity. As Sgt. Linn said at our annual meeting, Metro wants to hear from you because your calls on seemingly inconsequential matters can often be helpful to an investigation and add up to an arrest. Soliciting was down significantly this summer, but remains one of neighbors' primary safety concerns. The last crime in the neighborhood was a theft from the construction site at the corner of Heady and Don Allen back in September. 

There was, however, a string of vehicle break-ins along Post Rd. in West Meade last month, similar to the string of break-ins in the Highlands in the summer of 2013 and is a good reminder to always PARK SMART: 1) LOCK your car  2) Park in your garage or a very WELL LIGHTED and visible area if you are parking outside.  3) NEVER LEAVE ANYTHING OF VALUE visible in your car. Note that to a drug addict, your phone charger and spare change are valuable.

  • Soliciting door-to-door is not illegal, but no solicitor should ever go around, beside or behind a home. That is suspicious behavior, because solicitors are instructed to go only to the front door of a home. If you see this kind of behavior call Metro Police at 862-8600.
  • A commercial solicitor, for instance someone selling cleaning products or offering pest control or lawn services, or AT&T U-Verse, must wear a clearly visible permit from Davidson County with a photo. Only 26 companies are permitted to solicit in Davidson County. See the permit and list of permitted companies here:
  • A solicitor does not need a permit to share or sell print material--books, magazines, newspapers, or subscriptions to the same. A solicitor does not need a permit to solicit charitable donations or share ideas or beliefs, thus Jehovah's Witnesses & Mormons don't need permits to share brochures.
  • The majority of solicitors in the Highlands are usually dropped off for the day by a "charity" that supposedly helps disadvantaged individuals by teaching them to sell magazine subscriptions. Graceful Hands is one that BMHNA has researched, and even with its 501(c)3 status, it is, in our opinion (and a lot of other people's), a sham. This organization appears to be a not-so-well disguised ruse for the magazine solicitation company Ultimate Unity to procure a disadvantaged and dependent workforce. 
  • From "You may post a "No Trespassing" or "No Soliciting" sign which is visible at your residence which prohibits all door-to-door solicitation, whether they have a permit or not."
  • A simple NO SOLICITING STICKER (or even a handwritten note taped up) solves a lot of problems.  Did you put your BMHNA provided sticker up this spring? Did your neighbors put theirs up? Please remind them! Stickers were provided to ALL residents, not just members. We have extras and are happy to bring you another! Just e-mail Thanks! 

HELPFUL HABIT: Always set your alarms. Not just at night and not just when you leave on vacation. If you are home, set your alarm. If you go out to run errands, set your alarm. Contrary to popular belief, most burglaries happen during the day time.

Remain Vigilant! Please Review these helpful BURGLARY PREVENTION TIPS from BMHNA's website:

KNOW MORE with the FACEBOOK GROUP.  All crime in or affecting our neighborhood will always be sent out asap as an alert directly to your inbox. Helpful crime & safety tips are also a regular feature in most editions of the BMHNA E-News. Additional crime tips, trends, and news items that are relevant to our neighbors can be found in the BMHNA Facebook Group. If you are on Facebook, please make sure you are a member of the Belle Meade Highlands Neighborhood Association Group. You are encouraged to turn notifications on for the group. In this way you will receive an e-mail whenever there is a new post. All posts must be approved by BMHNA.

LOST & FOUND PETS.  What should you do if your pet is missing or you found a dog wandering in the street without a collar and he's now in your backyard? Please post, with a picture if possible, to the BMHNA Facebook Group. BMHNA has a 100% success rate reuniting dogs and owners via this group. Not on Facebook, no problem, just send the picture or description and your contact information to and we will post it for you.
Join Facebook Group Here
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