What's up with the Litter Bugs? Street Party & Bike Rodeo. Ivy, Compost, Crime, Solicitors, Stickers, and more!
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Happy spring! The neighborhood is getting greener everyday, and recent rainy weather aside, it's been great to see so many people out in the sunshine, walking in the Highlands. Welcome back to the 89% of our membership that renewed during BMHNA's annual February (and March, and April) Membership Campaign and a special welcome to all our new members! Thanks to the Social Committee and the Burnses for hosting a lovely members cocktail party at the end of February. As of this week, our association has 149 member households, which is great participation for a neighborhood our size with roughly 350 households total. This means you and 43% of your neighbors care about communication and connection--both priorities that make for a safer and friendlier community. Thank you for your participation and hope to see you at the Summer Kick-off Street Party on May 18th!
With best wishes, Angie Emery Henderson, President BMHNA
BMHNA Facebook Group
BMHNA Facebook Group
BMHNA Website
BMHNA Website
FRIDAY MORNINGS IN MAY: Fitness Classes at Cheekwood. Free to Cheekwood Members. Every Friday. 7:30 Yoga in the Garden, 8:30 Garden Circuit Blast,
9:30 Tai Chi in the Japanese Garden or Stroller Strides.

MAY 18:  BMHNA Summer Kick-Off & Bike Rodeo. Sunday, 4:30 - 7:00 pm. An all-ages street party with music, a food truck, a bounce house and a bike rodeo at the corner of Taggart & Heady. We are closing down the street, so round up your family and friends, hop on your bikes and ride (or walk!) on over for dinner outdoors and lots of fun! Invitation via Paperless Post to follow soon.

TBD (MAY 18): BMHNA Book Club. The Club is currently reading Reconstructing Amelia by Kimberly McCreight. If you would like to be added to the Book Club mailing list, please contact Stephanie Rishel at

JUNE 5: Family Night Out at Cheekwood. WannaBeatles Performance at 6:30 pm.

JUNE 12: Family Night Out at Cheekwood. Nashville Children's Theatre Performance at 6:30 pm.

DON'T LET IVY STRANGLE TREES. During the fall, BMHNA launched an ivy awareness effort along Page Rd. and offered residents with ivy choked trees information and assistance for ivy removal. Neighbors may notice brown ivy on many trees along Page this spring, but this is actually a good sign--that ivy is dying back and will eventually lose its stranglehold, falling off in the coming months. Special thanks to those neighbors taking action so we may all continue to enjoy Page Road's beautiful tree canopy. If you or a neighbor on any street have ivy reaching into a tree's upper branches, act soon by reading or sharing this information:  For questions about ivy abatement or to request volunteer assistance with your trees, please contact Committee Chair Rob Harrington at

LITTER. DO YOUR PART TO CLEAN IT UP. If you see litter, please pick it up! BMHNA is often in touch with construction companies about job-site trash that has blown onto our streets, but we need your help with the stray soda cans and random coffee cups. Those single items tend to accumulate at the edges--along the rock wall and ditches on Page Rd., at the intersections of our neighborhood streets with Highway 100, and litter begets more litter, so we count on caring individuals to just pick this stuff up. We know it's gross, and we know it's not fair. Why should you have to pick up rude people's trash? You shouldn't. But if you do, your neighbors will thank you and our community will be more beautiful!
Speaking of rude people's trash, our PAPERMAN IS A FLAGRANT LITTERBUG. A wooded area along Maybelle Lane is his favorite almost daily, dumping ground, but his delivery supplies (pictured above) can be seen on other streets in the Highlands and the City of Belle Meade. Despite speaking at length with The Tennessean delivery/distribution manager and the subcontractor for whom our delivery person works and putting up this OBVIOUS SIGN for over a week at the intersection of Clydelan Ct. and Maybelle Ln, his littering continues. Early risers, can you please try to get the license plate for the delivery man's yellow and grey Pontiac Aztec hatchback, and send it to me at The maximum littering fine in Davidson County is sadly only $50, so the best way to "fine" him may be for members to withhold their Christmas tips, if they feel so moved. Hopefully BMHNA will get him to stop before then, but don't write that check in November till you're sure he deserves it! Thanks very much! -Angie

CURBSIDE BRUSH PICK-UP. The next pick-up for our area is scheduled for July 2. The quarterly brush pick-up schedule and other helpful Metro-related links, such as Public Works customer service, NES street light reporting (bulb out or flickering), can always be found on the Links Page at

HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN "BLACK GOLD." Instead of buying bags of dirt at Home Depot, why not compost discarded banana peels, egg shells, coffee grounds, leaves, and yard clippings to make your own dirt? It's easy! Read here for instructions:

Questions or suggestions for the Beautification Committee? Interested in a possible compost class? Please contact chair Rob Harrington at

These folks are a voice for your street to the BMHNA Board, and they kindly distribute our annual membership flyers (and this year, our No Soliciting stickers!) Questions or suggestions specifically related to your street? Contact your street reps. Interested in serving as a rep for your street? Please Contact

Alton - Libby & Shooter Stein,,
Belle Park/Forrest Park - Stephanie & Derek Edwards,,
Brookfield - OPEN
Cheek - Micah Ligon,
Clydelan (off Page) - Joanna Thomson,
Gilman - Tracy Crawford,
Heady - Liza & Greg Coleman,,
Maybelle/Meadow Wood - Jo & Lyonel Gilmer,,
Clydelan (off Maybelle) - Angie & Arthur Henderson,,
Page 100 Block - Donna Littleton, & Michael Kohl,
Page 200 Block - Suzy Hansen,
Page 300/400 Block - Barbara Eubank,
West Tyne/Don Allen - Valerie Roberts,

You'll receive an e-mail with instructions for members-only access to the BMHNA directory soon. Be sure to bookmark the message and, so you'll have easy access to the directory and all things BMHNA all year long.

BMHNA has sent three Crime Alerts so far in 2014. In February and March, there were vehicle break-ins in the area and then late March saw the arrival of solicitors, one of whom was exhibiting suspicious behavior and the police came to investigate him and escort him from the neighborhood.

  • Soliciting door-to-door is not illegal, but no solicitor should ever go around, beside or behind a home. That is suspicious behavior, because solicitors are instructed to go only to the front door of a home. If you see this kind of behavior call Metro Police at 862-8600.
  • A commercial solicitor, for instance someone selling cleaning products or offering pest control or lawn services, or AT&T U-Verse, must wear a clearly visible permit from Davidson County with a photo. See the permit here:
  • A solicitor does not need a permit to share or sell print material--books, magazines, newspapers, or subscriptions to the same. A solicitor does not need a permit to solicit charitable donations or to share ideas or beliefs, thus Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons don't need permits to share brochures.
  • The majority of solicitors in our neighborhood are dropped off for the day by a "charity" that supposedly helps disadvantaged individuals by teaching them to sell magazine subscriptions. Graceful Hands is one that BMHNA has researched, and even with its 501(c)3 status, it is, in our opinion (and a lot of other people's), a sham. This organization appears to be a not-so-well disguised ruse for the magazine solicitation company Ultimate Unity to procure a disadvantaged and dependent workforce. Please do NOT donate money to this or similar organizations.
  • A simple NO SOLICITING STICKER (or even a handwritten note taped up) solves a lot of problems. BY LAW, if you have No Soliciting posted by your front door, a solicitor, no matter the type (commercial, charitable, print material, whatever), may NOT knock at your door. 
  • Remember that bright green flyer you received in the last few weeks with the No Soliciting sticker attached? Did you put your sticker up? Please, do! Did your neighbors put theirs up? Please remind them! Stickers were provided to ALL residents, not just members.
  • To put up your sticker: Peel the backing away from the sticker (not the sticker away from the backing) about a half inch. Get an edge and corner of the sticker in place and then slowly adhere and smooth in small increments. You can also just tape your sticker up!
  • Trouble with your sticker? We have extras and are happy to bring you another! Just e-mail Thanks!


KNOW MORE with the FACEBOOK GROUP.  All crime in or affecting our neighborhood will always be sent out asap as an alert directly to your inbox. Helpful crime & safety tips are also a regular feature in most editions of the BMHNA E-News. Additional crime tips, trends, and news items that are relevant to our neighbors can be found in the BMHNA Facebook Group. If you are on Facebook, please make sure you are a member of the Belle Meade Highlands Neighborhood Association Group. You are encouraged to turn notifications on for the group. In this way you will receive an e-mail whenever there is a new post. All posts must be approved by BMHNA.

LOST & FOUND PETS.  What should you do if your pet is missing or you found a dog wandering in the street without a collar and he's now in your backyard? Please post, with a picture if possible, to the BMHNA Facebook Group. BMHNA has a 100% success rate reuniting dogs and owners via this group. Not on Facebook, no problem, just send the picture or description and your contact information to and we will post it for you.

Questions about Crime & Safety? Please contact Crime & Safety Committee Chair Shooter Stein at
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