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BMHNA Website
BMHNA Website
BMHNA Facebook Group
BMHNA Facebook Group
Happy spring and welcome to all our new and renewing members! Almost 90% of BMHNA members renewed for 2015, and we have 25 new member households! You can find your fellow members in our secure, online directory (directions below). 

You can also find your fellow members at our many neighborhood social events. The first of 2015 was our Members Cocktail Party this past weekend at the home of Laura & Matt Perkins. It was great to meet and catch up with neighbors from every street. A special thank-you to Laura & Matt for hosting!

In January of 2015, we welcomed two new Board members: Drew Healy of Cheek Road and Jen Fuller of Don Allen. They joined Greg Coleman of Heady, Stephanie Rishel of Alton and Louisa Altman of Clydelan. We still have three open seats on our Board, so if you are interested in serving, please contact me to learn more.

The BMHNA Board is currently addressing a potential duplex on the west side of Nichol Lane and recently advocated against a 10-foot front setback variance on Cheek Rd. As it relates to land use, you have no doubt already heard that Kroger will be closing our neighborhood Harris Teeter in mid-June. This is very sad news for our neighborhood.

Kroger holds the lease with 4 years left and will likely not want a competing grocery store in that location. Our Board is speaking with local real-estate contacts and our councilpersons to see what might be done to encourage a solution that's beneficial to the neighborhood, but in the meantime, let's encourage area property and business owners to fill this void. Weekly farmer's market or CSA pick-up at Westgate Center? Gourmet grocery and coffee shop in Spaces? Expanded grocery offerings at Walgreens? Local eggs and organic milk at the BP? Who knows?! Let's be creative!

As always, please support the local small businesses immediately adjacent to our neighborhood as their success makes our community more vibrant, livable, and enjoyable. 

With best wishes,
Angie Emery Henderson, President BMHNA
APRIL 27, Monday, 5 - 7 pm: NashvilleNEXT Draft Plan Review with Metro Nashville Planning Department at the Bellevue Public Library, 720 Baugh Road. Drop-in anytime. Learn more.

FRIDAY MORNINGS IN MAY: Fitness Classes at Cheekwood. Free to Cheekwood members. 7:30 am Yoga in the Garden, 8:30 am Boot Camp, 9:30 am  Tai Chi in the Japanese Garden or Mommy Fit Camp.

MAY 21, Thursday at 6:30 pm: BMHNA Book Club. The Club is currently reading The Residence by Kate Brower. If you would like to attend on the 21st or be added to the Book Club e-mail list for a future month, please contact Stephanie Rishel at .

MAY 22, 6:00 - 9:00 pm: Spanish Nights at Cheekwood. Music & Food to accompany the Jaume Plensa Sculpture Exhibit. Learn More.

THURSDAY EVENINGS IN JUNE at 6:30 pm: Family Night Out at Cheekwood. Learn More.

JUNE 13, Saturday, 4:30 - 6:30 pm
: BMHNA Summer Block Party & Bike Rodeo. Invitation via your primary e-mail coming in May.

JULY 1: Metro Curbside Brush & Bagged Yard Waste Pick-Up. Details Below.
A Message from the Social Committee
Hello Neighbors,
We are thrilled to be your Social Committee co-chairs for this year. We have many exciting events for all ages planned to continue to connect you to your BMH friends and introduce you to new neighbors. Planning for our summer street party on June 13 is just getting started, so let us know if you would like to help.

Save these dates! We will send invitations for all social events to the primary e-mail address for your BMHNA membership.
  • Saturday, August 29th, Outdoor Movie Night
  • Saturday, October 24th, Halloween Party
  • Sunday, December 6th, Holiday Party  
For more information or to volunteer to help with an event, please contact any one of us at the following:
Patricia Straus (Gilman)
Laura Perkins (Maybelle)
Margie Moore (Forest Park)

LITTER. DO YOUR PART TO CLEAN IT UP. If you see litter, please pick it up! We need your help with the stray soda cans and random coffee cups. These single items tend to accumulate at the edges--along the rock wall and ditches on Page Rd., at the intersections of our neighborhood streets with Highway 100, and litter begets more litter, so we count on caring individuals to pick litter up as soon as possible. If you take a small grocery bag along on your next walk and pick up a little trash, your neighbors will thank you and our community will be more beautiful!

BRUSH COLLECTION. Metro Public Works quarterly service. Next pick-up July 1st. To avoid storm water problems, please keep brush and paper bagged leaves out of ditches when possible. As there are several months in between pick-ups, please consider keeping brush to the side or back of your yard until a few days before the scheduled pick-up rather than leaving it heaped at the street for long periods of time. Tips & Schedule from Metro.

DON'T LET IVY STRANGLE TREES. In 2013, BMHNA launched an ivy awareness effort along Page Rd. and offered residents with ivy choked trees information and assistance for ivy removal. Neighbors may notice brown ivy on many trees along Page this spring, but this is actually a good sign--that ivy is dying back and will eventually lose its stranglehold, falling off in the coming months. Special thanks to those neighbors taking action so we may all continue to enjoy Page Road's beautiful tree canopy. If you or a neighbor on any street have ivy reaching into a tree's upper branches, act soon by reading or sharing this information:  For questions about ivy abatement or to request volunteer assistance with your trees, please contact Committee Chair Rob Harrington at
STREET SIGN PROJECT. Neighborhoods often establish a sense of arrival and identity with gateway signage, distinct street signs, or planting a particular type of tree at key points. In 2014, the Beautification Committee gave a look to opportunities and challenges in this area.

Sign toppers similar to the one in the picture above were determined by the Board to be the best choice for this project. The project committee will soon move to the next phase: choosing wording, font, and colors for the sign toppers. If you are interested in serving on the project committee, please contact Beautification Committee Chair Rob Harrington at .
  1. Click on the "Neighborhood Directory" link in the center of the homepage for
  2. Because the directory is a "Google Doc," A google/Gmail sign-in screen will pop up. If you already have a Google account as one of the e-mail addresses that you provided to BMHNA, you'll have immediate access.
  3. If you do not have a Google account, you can click the red "create account" button to sign up for one, if you'd like.
  4. If you do not have or want a Google account, no worries, just e-mail to request a link to the directory via e-mail.
Babysitter Listing: Second tab in the Directory. Parents, you may enter your teen's information. We'd love to have more participants on this listing, especially with summer coming up.

Sorting by Street: The directory is sorted by last name, but can also be sorted by street. Simply click on the Street Name column (E), then choose "Data" form the menu bar, and then select Sort Column E, A -> Z. Be sure to return the directory to its original format before exiting. If needed, pleased coordinate street-wide e-mails via your BMHNA Street Rep.

If your contact information changes, you may edit your directory information online. Simply make your changes in the online document, and changes will be tracked by BMHNA.

We trust that everyone will respect each other's information. Please only update your own entry. You may not use this directory for commercial purposes or solicitation of business or charitable funds. Thanks very much! For questions about the directory, please contact 
Google Fiber. Will we be one of the first "Fiberhoods"?
To demonstrate your interest and stay up to date on the project, enter your address and email here:

A preliminary SURVEY CREW for GOOGLE FIBER is in our neighborhood this week, photographing and measuring power lines and power poles in FRONT, SIDE & BACK YARDS. The crew is an older gentleman and his wife driving a blue and silver GMC pick-up truck and wearing orange vests. They are with SPECTRUM PLANNING Fiber Optic Engineering and have lanyards with a Spectrum PHOTO ID. Before entering any backyard fenced areas, they will attempt to contact you at your front door. This duo will be the only crew working in our neighborhood. If you have concerns, please seek them out, or call their supervisor Joe Lawrence of Spectrum Planning at 636-299-3671.
Neighbors, there have been two minor thefts in our neighborhood over the last month. One from an unlocked car on Taggart, which we reported to you in a crime & safety alert, and one last week in the 200 Block of Page, in which the suspect in the theft was known to the victim. In the vicinity of Hemingway and Tyne in recent weeks, there have been two vehicle "break-ins" (again, the car is often unlocked). Please remain vigilant and read the reminders and resources below.
- Sarah & Andy Loving, Crime & Safety Committee Co-Chairs,,
PARK SMART: Don't give criminals an opportunity to take advantage of you. Lock your car, night or day, whether you're home for the evening or just running inside for a few minutes. Always remove your purse, wallet, bags and park in well-lit areas. Reminder your guests and service providers to do the same. If you have a garage, make sure that it's locked and that the door from your garage into your home is also locked.

HELPFUL HABIT: Alarms aren't just for night time or when you're on vacation. Set your alarm every time you leave the house during the day. Turn on your alarm with the "stay" function when you are at home during the day. The more you use your alarm, the easier it is to keep doing it; it becomes a habit. Start today!

RESOURCE: It is important to dispose of old medications safely and securely. Their presence in your home can be a hazardous temptation to older children, and bathroom cabinets are often targets for petty theft by service workers in your home. There is a drop box for medication at the Belle Meade City Hall, through the entry door of the Police Department. You do not need to be a resident to use this service.

REMINDER: Make sure your alarm company sign is clearly visible from the street and that your home's exterior is well-lighted. Alarm signs are highly visible by your mailbox. If a criminal is trying to decide which home to burglarize by driving the streets, your sign and outdoor lighting are great deterrents.

RESOURCE: Smart is utilized by Metro's Emergency Dispatch, and they and the West Police Precinct encourage you to sign up for this free and helpful service. Learn More.

WHAT NUMBER TO DIAL?: Suspicious Behavior: 862-8600. Imminent Danger, Possible Crime in Progress: 911. Go with your gut. Better to report something and find that there was not a problem, than to assume the best and learn later that a crime was committed. Metro Police want to hear from you!
STAY CONNECTED: Make sure you know your immediate neighbors cell phone numbers and e-mails and remember to join the BMHNA Facebook Group for additional crime & safety news, solicitor sightings, and tips.
Questions about or suggestions for your street? Contact your street rep!
Alton - Graham Meadors,
Belle Park/Forrest Park - Stephanie & Derek Edwards,,
Brookfield - Drew Hart,
Cheek - Micha Ligon,
Clydelan (off Page) - Joanna Thomson,
Gilman - Tracy Crawford,
Heady 100 Block - Sarah & Andy Loving,,
Heady 200 Block - Liza & Greg Coleman,,
Maybelle/Meadow Wood - Jo & Lyonel Gilmer,,
Clydelan (off Maybelle) - Angie & Arthur Henderson,,
Page 100 Block - Donna Littleton, & Michael Kohl,
Page 200 Block - Suzy Hansen,
Page 300/400 Block - Barbara Eubank,
Taggart Ave. - Susan Weathersby,
West Tyne/Don Allen - Valerie Roberts,
BMHNA is looking for participation from a wide range of residents, representing different streets and different ages and stages in life, people new to the neighborhood and people who lived here for decades. Everyone's input is needed and welcome! Think you might be interested? Please contact Angie Henderson at 

Board Positions:
  • At-Large: 1 position serving through January 2016
  • At Large: 2 positions serving through January 2017
Committee Positions:
  • Communications Chair: coordinate with the president and committee chairs to prepare and/or edit content for seasonal E-News. Familiarity with Mailchimp helpful, but not required, existing templates and drag and drop formatting make this an easy task!
  • Bike/Ped/Transit Co-Chair & Committee Members: help coordinate speeding awareness efforts, advocate for improved connectivity and safety for walking and biking, coordinate annual bike rodeo and possible group bike rides. If you have an interest in cycling and/or a more safely walkable Page Rd. then this is the committee for you! 
To ADVERTISE in a future newsletter, contact Our newsletter reaches over 240 individuals with an average open rate of 76% (well above the 14.7% industry average for e-mail marketing to a subscribed list). BMHNA E-News is an effective way to share your business, service or product with a targeted audience while helping support your neighborhood association. Ads start at just $75 for members and include photos and hyperlinks. Thanks!
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