Supporting the Gardens can help
reduce your tax burden for 2018

One very practical reason to consider donating to our non-profit organization is the tax deduction associated with donating. Your contribution to the Gardens is deductible in the year in which it is paid and there are just four days left to reap the benefits with your 2018 tax return. Donate now!

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You can donate one of three ways:

  • Donate through our website
  • Mail your donation in the form of a check. Our address is 18220 N. Highway 1, Fort Bragg, CA 95437. The check must be dated on or before December 31, 2018, to count towards your 2018 tax burden.
  • Visit the Gardens and submit your generous gift at The Garden Store.
Qualified Charitable Distribution

Looking for ways to reduce your taxes through charitable giving, but finding your traditional charitable contributions are no longer deductible as of 2018? If you’re older than 70 ½ you may be able to transfer up to $100,000 annually from your IRAs to a qualified charity and have your taxable income reduced.

Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) allows IRA owners over the age of 70 ½ to transfer part or all of their annual Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) directly to a qualified charity such as the Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens. Click here to learn more!
Wishing you a wonderful new year!

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