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We are overwhelmed with the incredible show of support for "WHERE IS HOME?" and are incredibly grateful to belong to such a wonderful community...
Many of you have reached out to share your stories with us and we absolutely love hearing from you!
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And we humbly hope that "WHERE IS HOME?" will be an inspiration to YOU as well!
"I imagine a world full of empowered people, adults and children alike. Each one of us, from whatever walk in life, from whatever country of origin, in whichever place, being fully at HOME in ourselves and surrounded by those who fully support us and guide us into being fully embodied and empowered people. This film is a piece of that ... a bridge that brings individuals and cultures closer to themselves, to one another, that transcends the struggle between seperate and TOGETHER"
- - Maartje Goodeve - -
(Third Culture Kid &
Cast Member in

"Beyond bringing this film to life, it's our DREAM to continue building community among Third Culture Kids. Which is why we've teamed up with TCKid and are open to COLLABORATIONS with other like-minded organizations or individuals. We've met so many inspirational people and we're happy to spread the word about any Third Culture Kid related projects. We've also started a Podcast to bring attention to the paradigm shifts around the concept of "HOME" as well as the social and personal impacts of GLOBALIZATION."  
- - Alethea Wang - -
(Third Culture Kid &
Producer / PR Manager 

Click here to listen to the "WHERE IS HOME?" PODCAST
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