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Return to (somewhat) Normalcy?

With the COVID-19 restrictions, most matches have been cancelled for the past two months and more postponements are upcoming.  The South Carolina USPSA match, which I was really looking forward to, was pushed back to next week, which precluded my attendance (DANG IT!!!).  The Bianchi Cup has been postponed from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day weekend.  Camp Perry was cancelled for the year, and several GSSF matches have been postponed or cancelled.

A few matches in the southeast have begun to resume, with overwhelming participation.  Waiting lists at local matches are common now, as everyone is scrambling to get some kind of fun in that doesn't involve Netflix or TikTok.

I have been using this downtime to get caught up on some projects.  I have begun to load 7.62X39, believe it or not.  I'd rather use surplus ammo, just for the convenience, but this is the 27th time in recent memory that supplies of that have dried up, so it is nice to have options.

As announced in our last issue, I plan to start shooting some CMP Service Pistol this summer.  I recently completed Level 1 Range Officer Training for the CMP and should be attending Level 2 in June.  We should start hosting Service Pistol matches at the CMP Park in Talladega sometime in late-Summer.  (The shutdown has pushed that back a bit.)

The new Les Baer Custom gun has arrived and it is living up to the hype.  I wish I could say the same for me, but that'll come around.  I am one of those people who enjoy the challenge.  If I had found USPSA, Steel Challenge, or any of the other disciplines easy, I would have quit them immediately.  (There are a couple of shooting sports that I have done that with.)

With that being said, a bunch of my friends have poo-poo'ed my aspirations in this endeavor.  They say, "Bullseye is boring.  It's like watching a Chrysler rust!".  So, I have a bit of a challenge for y'all.....  Take your favorite competition gun and 30 rounds of ammo (I'll even say "Try it with your Open Division gun".)  Shoot 10 shots ONE-HANDED at an 8-inch circular target at 50 yards.  That 8-inch target is the diameter of the 8-point scoring ring, so don't get too happy if you happen to hit that.  You have to hit the center 3.36" circle to score a 10....   You have 10 minutes to do this.  With my experience in International Air Pistol and Free Pistol, I see this as relatively easy because it really tests patience.

Next up, hang a 5.54 inch black circular target at 25 yards.  We're going to shoot four 5-shot strings at said target.  The first two are "Timed Fire" and you have 20 seconds to do each string.  The second two are "Rapid Fire" at 10 second strings.  That 5 1/2 inch circle is the 9 ring.  The 10 is again 3.36 inches in diameter.  This truly tests one's trigger control and patience to let the gun settle back into the bullseye.

To be competitive, one would need to shoot something close to a 270....

Truthfully, this course of fire would be challenging with a two-handed hold, a two pound trigger weight, and an optical sight.  That difficulty multiplies exponentially with one hand, a four pound trigger, and iron sights.


I have been sorting and cleaning a lot of brass over the last couple of months.  It has been wet tumbled, dried, and then dry tumbled with NuFinish car polish to deter tarnishing. 

I have a metric ____ ton of 9mm brass.  I'd say that over 99.5% of it is once-fired, so if you're looking to load 9 Major, this may be your trick.  Base price is $40 per thousand (sold by weight, so it'll probably be closer to 1050 pieces).

I have limited quantities of .40 S&W and .45 ACP, at $40 and $60 per thousand respectively.

Of course, quantity pricing is available.


My PDW experiment is your gain!!!  I currently have a Maxim Defense PDX in 5.56 NATO for sale.  MSRP is $2295, plus shipping and tax.  How about ”$1995 and I eat the shipping and tax”?  It’s definitely low-mileage, with maybe 100 rounds on it.  It comes with a 20-round OEM mag; I’ll throw in a 30-round Magpul on-the-house.

Gun Cleaning Special:  Get the full-house, world-renowned CCGW cleaning job on your match guns, carry pieces, and hunting guns.  Most every gun will be only $25 each; complicated guns slightly higher.  (Glocks, M&Ps, 1911s/2011s, and the like are simple.  Benelli M-4s, piston-driven ARs, etc. are NOT.  I recently learned that Browning Auto-5's definitely are not....)  Turn-around time is typically less than a week.

Chronographing Services Got some ammo that you've been producing and you want to make sure that it's living up to what the reloading manual promised?  Going way out in left field, using non-standard powders to do things that books say can't be done (like 9mm Major)?  I will chronograph that ammo, using your pistol and give you a detailed report with each shot recorded, average velocities, extreme spreads, Standard Deviation, and Power Factor.   Doppler radar will be used, so accuracy isn't dependent on light.  Competition loads will be checked "hot", "cold", and "room temperature" to ensure that you don't go "sub-Minor" at your next big match.   Fees are "a la carte", but would normally be around $35 per hour.  Five or six different loads could be tested in that time, allowing time for the barrel to cool between strings.

We are offering complete basic guns built on our Camp Creek Gunworks-branded Lower Receivers, in addition to the full-house competition guns that we've always offered.  We're calling these mil-spec guns the "Basic Defense" series.  They feature a 16-inch barrel with A2 flash hider, a flat-top upper receiver, free-float handguard, collapsible stock, mil-spec trigger, mil-spec pistol grip, and the Magpul MOE trigger guard.  Add a soft case and 30-round MagPul magazine.  Of course, like all CCGW products, they're backed by our "We'll make it right" warranty.  The price is only $749 plus tax. 

Our latest thing has been PDWs (Personal Defense Weapons).  These are built off of our CR-15 lowers and feature short barrels (length depends on caliber and your desired features).  A pistol-stabilizing brace is added for greater accuracy potential.  5.56mm and .300 Blackout guns get the Noveske KX-5 suppressor.  9mm's don't need it.  An upgrade to a folding stock model is available for $300 more.  Prices start at $1500 for a basic model and go up to $3750 for the top-of-the-line model with EOTech HoloSight, TLR-2G light/laser combo, backup sights, premium SB Tactical brace, upgraded trigger, and custom fit case.

We have a 6-inch 2011 in-stock in .40 S&W.  It is built light, so it swings well from target to target.  The extra sight radius makes mid- and long-range shots EASY.  Only $2700

CCGW PCC's suitable for USPSA or 3-Gun competition are available.  Got one ready-to-go now for $950!

Glock 22C:  These are Blue Label Glocks (3 mags & night sights).  Brand new in the box for $499 plus tax.

Used Glock 23.  LNIB with night sights and three mags.  $425

Brand-new Glock 26 with three mags.  $440

Lightly used SCCY CPX-2 in 9mm; stainless slide on black frame.  $200

Until next time, See you on the Range!!

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