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Now that you've un-wrapped that ugly sweater from Aunt Marge and feigned your delight at yet another pair of socks, let's decide on what you're gonna spend "Day After Christmas" exhange money on.....

This year, we have several great deals for you:

     - Remington handgun rebates: Combine great CCGW pricing with a $100 mail-in
       rebate and you're practically getting paid to get a new gun (a Win-Win, in my

             - R1's (their basic 1911) in 45 ACP blue for only $619.95, plus tax.  After
               Rebate: $519.95.

             - RP9's (their polymer framed duty pistol) in 9mm for only $329.95.  With an
               after-Rebate price of only $229.95, this makes the perfect 19-round truck
               gun or night-stand piece.

             - R51's (their micro 9mm EDC gun) for only $309.95

     - New Glock 22C's in .40 S&W with Night Sights and 3 mags.  These guns
       should cost over $600.  For Black Friday, let's get them out of here at $475

     - CCGW PCC's:  Base model 16-inch gun suitable for USPSA or 3-Gun
       competition.  Got one ready-to-go now for $950!

Changing Up Your Drills:

There are a close to a million different shooting drills out there, between books, the Interwebs, and your shooting buddies.  Most of them are great training tools, as long as we're using them for a purpose other than burning up ammo.  It's been said that variety is the spice of life.  Let's embrace that by changing this stuff up.

Some factors determining which drills you could use include:

     - range facilities.  Can you set up multiple targets or are you limited to the one
       target in front of you like on a busy indoor range?
     - time:  Do you have the time to set up an elaborate stage or does this need to be
       an "in and out lunch-time" session?
     - purpose: Do your reloads suck?  Setting up a 40-round field course may not be
       appropriate here.  One target at 7 yards may work.

With these things in mind, you'll find that a small set of drills will quickly become your "go-to" exercises.  That is not a problem, as long as we're still working on those things that we need to improve on and not those things that we're really good at. The problem with this small number of exercises is that we can get bored doing them or their training value diminishes as our skills improve.  How do we minimize that impact?  By remembering that, although these drills are "standardized", you are free to modify them in order to accomplish YOUR goals!!

Being an old PPC shooter, I am generally extremely accurate (oftentimes to the detriment of speed).  Most of the drills that I use promote close-up, fold your ear's back, haul ass types of shooting.  To prevent burn-out on these drills, I'll change the distances involved, put No-Shoots or hard cover in the array to obscure targets, or do the drill Strong Hand- or Weak Hand-Only.  To keep it productive, I'll try to keep the pace at my "haul ass" speed instead going to my "accuracy" default. 

Besides the "9 Bullet Drill" that I introduced to you last issue, I'll modify other drills to accomplish my training objectives.  How about an El Presidente at 5 yards instead of 10?  Maybe an "Upper A/B Zone"-only Bill Drill at 5 yards?  With a little Hard Cover to keep the shots tight, the super-close distance really promotes going fast.

If you're a "Speed Above All Else" kind of shooter, then increasing distances or making more-challenging arrays may be better options for you.  Just don't get locked into a "The book says this drill should be shot from 10 yards" mentality.  Make the drill work for you...


Gun Cleaning Special:  Get the full-house, world-renowned CCGW cleaning job on your match guns, carry pieces, and hunting guns.  Most every gun will be only $25 each; complicated guns slightly higher.  (Glocks, M&Ps, 1911s/2011s, and the like are simple.  Benelli M-4s, piston-driven ARs, etc. are NOT.)  Turn-around time is typically less than a week.

We have finally decided to offer complete basic guns built on our Camp Creek Gunworks-branded Lower Receivers, in addition to the full-house competition guns that we've always offered.  We're calling these mil-spec guns the "Basic Defense" series.  They feature a 16-inch barrel with A2 flash hider, a flat-top upper receiver, free-float handguard, collapsible stock, mil-spec trigger, mil-spec pistol grip, and the Magpul MOE trigger guard.  Add a soft case and 30-round MagPul magazine.  Of course, like all CCGW products, they're backed by our "We'll make it right" warranty.  The price is only $749 plus tax. 

Speaking of AR's: we have some Noveske "Pig" compensators available.  We have two KX-5s in-stock and one used KX-3.  The KX-5 is the skinnier version of the original KX-3 and is available for $150 installed.  The used KX-3 is low-mileage and is available for $125 installed.  (The REALLY cool thing about the "Pig" is that, although it is not a "Suppressor", it does knock down a lot of the concussion from the .223/5.56 round that will bust an eardrum in confined spaces.  It ain't "silent" by any means, but you can definitely tell a difference.)

We have a 6-inch 2011 in-stock in .40 S&W.  It is built light, so it swings well from target to target.  The extra sight radius makes mid- and long-range shots EASY.  Only $2700

Until next time, See you on the Range!!
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