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The National Sport Shooting Foundation has designated August as NATIONAL SHOOTING SPORTS MONTH.  Retailers and ranges are encouraged to run specials and clinics to encourage new shooters to participate in all levels of the sport, from casual plinking to serious competition.

The website has a listing of places nationwide offering training, matches, and other events.  Since CCGW is a member of NSSF and doesn't have a range, I contributed our listing to the Georgia USPSA Section to promote its website  This site lists all the practical shooting matches in Georgia.  I know that some of the clubs are offering free entry to first-time shooters at their matches.  Contact them to see what they've got for your family and friends.

As individual shooters, we can do our part also.  Oftentimes, I have found that all that is needed to spark a serious interest in the shooting sports is to let them try it.  Our friends are probably VERY curious as to what is so cool about shooting that we do it every weekend (and sometimes during the week too!), spend hours hunched over a reloading press, and watch The Outdoors Trader like its the Playboy website.  And, if we invite them and they get hooked, we'll have more car-pooling opportunities.  Not a bad return for the investment in a box of ammo.

Recurring Specials:

S&W has a summer promo going that'll get you one of their M&P-15's in 22LR with a 25-rouind magazine, the M&P red/green dot sight, and a nice padded soft case for only $399.95 plus tax.  That's a savings of over $140.

SIG Sauer 1911 Tac Ops pistol in 9mm.  5-inch gun with night sights and four 9-round magazines.  High quality for only $969.95.

SCCY Industries CPX-2 in 9mm, in various color combinations.  A great sub-compact 9mm featuring two 10-round magazines, double-action only trigger, and a transferable lifetime warranty.  $235.95 each.

Lots of folks make big purchases this time of year.  One of larger "capital" items that shooters buy is a reloading press.

I have recently gotten hooked up with a wholesaler who sells presses.  My dealer pricing is so good on these presses that I can offer them to you for a ridiculous price.  It doesn't matter whether you like blue presses, both flavors of red presses, or even the green ones, I can get them for a great price for you.

I am not going to run afoul of "Minimum Advertised Price" restrictions, but I will say this:  I just purchased my second "big press" by my favorite manufacturer.  I saved over $200 doing it this way rather than buying from the manufacturer's website.  (Those who know me know which brand and model I prefer.)  $200 is a lot of bullets to feed this thing....

E-mail me and let me know what you're looking for.  I'd bet that I can save you some money!!

Gun Cleaning Special:  Get the full-house, world-renowned CCGW cleaning job on your match guns, carry pieces, and hunting guns.  Most every gun will be only $25 each; complicated guns slightly higher.  (Glocks, M&Ps, 1911s/2011s, and the like are simple.  Benelli M-4s, piston-driven ARs, etc. are NOT.)  Turn-around time is typically less than a week.

We are offering complete basic guns built on our Camp Creek Gunworks-branded Lower Receivers, in addition to the full-house competition guns that we've always offered.  We're calling these mil-spec guns the "Basic Defense" series.  They feature a 16-inch barrel with A2 flash hider, a flat-top upper receiver, free-float handguard, collapsible stock, mil-spec trigger, mil-spec pistol grip, and the Magpul MOE trigger guard.  Add a soft case and 30-round MagPul magazine.  Of course, like all CCGW products, they're backed by our "We'll make it right" warranty.  The price is only $749 plus tax. 

Our latest thing has been PDWs (Personal Defense Weapons).  These are built off of our CR-15 lowers and feature short barrels (length depends on caliber and your desired features).  A pistol-stabilizing brace is added for greater accuracy potential.  5.56mm and .300 Blackout guns get the Noveske KX-5 suppressor.  9mm's don't need it.  An upgrade to a folding stock model is available for $300 more.  Prices start at $1500 for a basic model and go up to $3750 for the top-of-the-line model with EOTech HoloSight, TLR-2G light/laser combo, backup sights, premium SB Tactical brace, upgraded trigger, and custom fit case.

We have a 6-inch 2011 in-stock in .40 S&W.  It is built light, so it swings well from target to target.  The extra sight radius makes mid- and long-range shots EASY.  Only $2700

CCGW PCC's suitable for USPSA or 3-Gun competition are available.  Got one ready-to-go now for $950!

Glock 22C:  These are Blue Label Glocks (3 mags & night sights).  Brand new in the box for $499 plus tax.

Used Glock 23C.  LNIB with night sights and three mags.  $425

Until next time, See you on the Range!!
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